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A travel crib or play yard is one of those essential items every new parent needs. Some people even skip the traditional crib and use a travel system instead. I don’t know what it is about our society, but sometimes it seems like the simplest things have become way too

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journeyBee review
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Spring with a newborn can be difficult to figure out.  The rest of the family wants to be outside all day, including full-sun high noon.  The pool, the park, the beach… we’re always outside, but my 2 month old baby needs a couple luxuries the outdoors can’t afford — such

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Nap time.  Blessed nap time.  Anytime I find a product to enhance and lengthen naps, I jump on it, and the black out options from Content&Calm are the best around.  For naps at home, the Cot Canopy, and for naps on the go, the ProtectiShade, will both keep your baby

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With bumpers and loose blankets a big no-no, the HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set has everything baby needs for a good night’s sleep.  Two soft-as-can-be fitted sheets along with a decorative crib skirt set the stage for two amazing wearable HALO products. This 5 piece set is perfect for any

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QuickZip crib sheet
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Late night feedings and diaper changes are unavoidable  constants, so lets not add any more tedious tasks to the night.  Having to change the crib bedding at night is not ideal but with the QuickZip Crib sheet, you can do it in a flash — or a zip.  The QuickZip

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When I hit my second trimester, I did some major research on SIDS especially since I had a lot of items stored from when my first daughter was born 5 years ago. They say that you should never re-use a crib mattress from one baby to the next. Some mattresses

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Out of all the gear I had with my infant daughter, the thing I used the most was a Pack-n-Play.  She resided in there inside the living room, kitchen, my bedroom, even out on the patio for most of the day it seemed.  She napped in there, played with her

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Ditch the boring bag that comes standard with your pack and play or other portable playyard/crib and grab a quilted Bover Bag.  Some portable cribs (pack-n-plays are notorious) do not even come with a bag, making travel very difficult (how ironic).  Each Bover Bag is double quilted to be super

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When it comes to baby bedding, I love clean, designs that are fresh and bright. Carousel Designs has a line of Organic bedding that screams to me. The colors are vibrant, modern, fun and most importantly, comfortable. The Organic Aqua Scroll collection is 100% Certified Organic cotton fabrics colored with low-impact

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