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Halloween is quickly approaching, so I wanted to share with you my favorite place to purchase dress-up clothes and costumes.  As a parent, one of my biggest frustrations is when I spend a lot of money on a costume for one of my daughters, and it’s cheaply made. I can’t

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One of my favorite parts of raising a little girl is living vicariously in the whimsical imagination they have.  My daughter loves to play dress up and constantly is existing in another world.  Yes, of course, sometimes I wish she would join us in this world, but nonetheless, it’s fun

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Alice in Wonderland girls costume

This year my daughter absolutely had to be Alice in Wonderland.  Granted, this was the third costume in line she listed as a must this season, but it is the one that finally stuck.  I’m sure you know how kids and choosing their Halloween costume goes each year… So Alice,

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blabla doll costumes

The blabla doll is a staple for every nursery and every crook of a child’s arm.  Soft and loveable, these hand-knit Peruvian dolls are of untouchable quality.  Boys and girls alike claim the signature blabla dolls to be their favorite, often becoming that one beloved security item. These beauties deserve

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If you know me, you know I have a fascination for owls. When I stumbled on this DIY owl costume, I felt that I needed to share with our readers. Not only is it amazing looking (I prefer this over any store bought owl costume), but it is also quite

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