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gevalia coffee review

Moving to a new city is always a great opportunity to meet new people.  Kids make this even easier because kids want to meet kids, and kids have moms.  Instant mom friends.  Our new house is located within a gated community so with just a few simple strolls around, we

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dunkin donuts seasonal coffee

Coffee and Christmas go together like a credit card and Black Friday.  From early morning sale shopping to late night present wrapping, a strong cup of coffee is always a good idea, and, for most, a necessity. At some point, even the aroma of coffee becomes synonymous with parenthood.  When

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Kaldi CBTL review

Coffee is always a welcome beverage in the homes of parents, especially one as quick and easy as from the Kaldi by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  This sleek brewer delivers coffee, tea and espresso all within a flash.  Ideal for your home or others, the streamlined Kaldi is a

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