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There are moments that happen in a flash that define your life.  One such moment was when a yellow Italian sportscar flew up behind my stopped car and changed everything.  A split second and worlds collided, all because a girl needed to shoot out a text message.  According to the

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Safety 1st Bundle
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The time has finally come for our biggest and best review and giveaway from #Safety1st! A lot of us are traveling for the holidays, so I’m hoping you read my Safety Tips posting last week with some really great tips on how to ensure your little ones stay safe while

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uppababy cruz review
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Last week I reviewed the MESA, UPPAbaby’s new infant car seat, and showed how easy it works with the CRUZ (no adaptors!).  Well now I want to show you a more in-depth view of the CRUZ, sent to me for review.  I’m crushing hard! The UPPAbaby CRUZ is my favorite

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uppababy mesa car seat review
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I just love when game-changing products are released onto the market, such as the MESA infant car seat from UPPAbaby.  This was one of those products that people were dying to buy, preorders were through the roof and I totally understand why.  The MESA infant seat is gorgeous — super

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baby gearcar seat

Graduating into a booster is a big step for parent and child.  It means more freedom for your kid and perhaps a little anxiety for you.  When searching around for a high back booster (I’m not quite ready to stomach backless) I came across the fresh-to-the-market Viaggio HB 120, a

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joovy toy booster review

Every mom of a girl knows that there is never just a baby doll.  Dolls have to be accessorized and I’m not just talking about clothing and purses.  The dolls of today must have all the gear a real baby would have, the stroller, the crib, kids can even wear

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cruiserfix pro review

For most parents, finding a new car seat for your child that ranks high on safety is crucial but for the child, comfort is the primary concern. I honestly never gave the comfort part much thought, figuring that most car seats were the same.  Then we received the Kiddy Cruiserfix

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cot canopy breeze review
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Nap time.  Blessed nap time.  Anytime I find a product to enhance and lengthen naps, I jump on it, and the black out options from Content&Calm are the best around.  For naps at home, the Cot Canopy, and for naps on the go, the ProtectiShade, will both keep your baby

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carseat canopy the whole caboodle review
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Between cars and travel systems, babies spend a good amount of their early lives in car seats, so make it an exciting place to be.  With the cool weather here, take an extra precaution to keep the chilly wind off of baby’s sensitive new skin with the Carseat Canopy.  Add

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hug me joey
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Even the best car seat can’t position and support your newborn properly, especially if they are premature.  We have all seen scrunched down babies, swallowed up by their infant car seat.  We have also all seen babies with their heads flopped forward (doesn’t that just look so painful?) or to

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