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That’s right, we have a Britax PARKWAY SG Booster to give away to one lucky reader. I absolutely adore this booster, you can read my full review of it here. As time goes on, I continue to find additional reasons for loving this booster. One of my biggest reasons is

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Every mom of a girl knows that there is never just a baby doll.  Dolls have to be accessorized and I’m not just talking about clothing and purses.  The dolls of today must have all the gear a real baby would have, the stroller, the crib, kids can even wear

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cruiserfix pro review

For most parents, finding a new car seat for your child that ranks high on safety is crucial but for the child, comfort is the primary concern. I honestly never gave the comfort part much thought, figuring that most car seats were the same.  Then we received the Kiddy Cruiserfix

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Sit! booster Safety 1st
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I’m always on the lookout for travel friendly items. Safety 1st has created a new booster seat that’s perfect for home or on-the-go. Made from a zero landfill facility in Columbus, Indiana, which reuses over 99% of its plastic is the new Sit! Booster. Since it’s plastic, it’s extremely light and

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I have a new love and it’s name is the PARKWAY SG Booster seat from Britax. No really, I do. We just got back from a trip to Maui and traveling with a car seat is no easy task. Mostly since we had to sleep in a hotel by the

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When your toddler needs a little boost, skip the strap-ins and opt for a more kid-friendly Tot Riser.  This amazing product comes from our friends in Australia (don’t they just have the best kid products?) I cannot will try to tell you how much my daughter adores her foam Tot

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I remember doing a huge car seat hunt when my daughter was ready to move out of her infant seat. I consulted with my car seat guru, Chele, along with several others and it was completely unanimous, we all chose Britax. Not only is Britax one of the safest seats

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