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We have three more books for you to add to your 24 Days of Christmas Books list!  This series is all about Christmas traditions and bringing more books into the home, which is always a good idea.  Speaking of traditions, this first book, The Christmas Tugboat, is all about tradition

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hug n oink peppa pig plush

Peppa Pig was one of the first preschool-aged shows I actually liked.  The lovable characters with their charming British accent was an immediate hit with my daughter as well.  There are always great lessons to be learned and their quirky antics were unique and fresh for Nick Jr. This fall,

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Bears Says Thanks

Take advantage of this time to reflect and give thanks for all we have with Bear Says Thanks.  Thanksgiving is not a holiday known for its commercialization, and that is a good thing.  This also makes it a more abstract holiday for kids to grasp.  There are no wrapped presents,

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Boo, Bunny! board book

These two Halloween books I have paired together as they not only have the same target audience (2-5 year olds), but are also awesome trick-or-treating books.  Both will get the kids excited for the year’s festive costumed stroll (not that they need much encouragement) and become a favorite Halloween tale.

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Bone Soup book review

Halloween is creeping closer and closer and with it, pure anticipation.  These two books are perfect for the Halloween season, less spook and more fun.  Both will have you and your kids smiling, getting excited for Halloween and fall in general.  I didn’t set out for these two books to

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Frankenstein kids book

I know Halloween is still a couple months away, but the excitement has already begun in my house.  I am fueling that anticipation with a couple new books featuring one of the most beloved creatures, Frankenstein.  Author Adam Rex has made Frankenstein alive again in a series of original books,

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Mobi AnimaLamp

Mobi’s new AnimaLamp is the perfect solution for little late-night readers.  Put away the flashlight and set up the AnimaLamp, which comes in Monkey, Giraffe and Bunny.  This little light illuminates full pages with its cool-running LED lights on a rechargeable battery.  So grab a few books, pull up the

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The first thing that drew me to The Quiet Book was the title.   I’m sure any parent can agree with me, if “quiet” is in the title, that book is going into rotation tonight. Once I took a peek at the illustrations, I knew I wanted everything Deborah Underwood and

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Micah Player’s Chloe, Instead is a charming book and the perfect story for any child that has a younger sibling. Molly, the older sister, always imagined having a little sister who was just like her but instead she got Chloe. While Molly likes to color with crayons, Chloe likes to eat them. Frustrations quickly arise

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The Rainforest Grew All Around by Susan K Mitchell is a magnificent story that takes you to the Amazon rainforest where you learn about the delicate life cycle within the jungle. My daughter enjoys how this beautifully written book reads to the song, The Green Grass Grew All Around. Each page is

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