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strawberry jalapeno margarita

This Sweet’N Low Strawberry Jalapeño Margarita recipe is part of a sponsored post for SocialStars #SweetNLowStars Summer is at full throttle… literally throttling me with intense heat here in the desert, which is keeping me by and in the pool, refreshing beverage in hand.  Summer always makes me crave tequila,

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neuro found in a recent study that nearly 50 percent of Americans spend at least half their daily lives stressed out.  Is this you?  It’s me.  Part of the solution is making lifestyle changes that reduce stress and boost bliss.  The other part is finding products that increase mood and

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sunburst green iced tea

It is going to be one refreshing summer here in the desert thanks to the DIY Iced Tea Kit assembled by Mighty Leaf Tea.  Skip wondering how many bags you need and how long to steep… Might Leaf Tea has big bags to make big pitchers, providing you a luxurious

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When I think of summertime beverages, I immediately think of iced tea. I do not know about you, but when I am relaxing by the pool or beach I do not crave any coffee…iced tea on the other hand better to me. My new favorite iced tea concoction is iced chamomile. 

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I’m already infusing all of my water with herbs and fruits, which led me think, why not vodka as well?  Vodka is a great vessel for flavors, and you don’t have to resort to the syrupy manufactured kind.  I searched around and found a great resource. Simply take a great,

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