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This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Beech-Nut and MomSelect. When my daughter was an infant, 7 years ago, there were not as many options in the baby food aisle.  Full of preservatives and artificial who-knows-whats, the jarred “foods” were quite questionable and therefore undesirable.  Making your own

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I never knew how hungry a baby could be until I had a boy.  He’s 13 months now and it seems every week he ups his intake.  Beyond the obvious fruits and vegetables, I’m always trying to sneak extra ingredients into his diet… the easiest ways being yogurts and oatmeal. 

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My 8 month old’s taste buds have been much happier these days as we venture through the world of first foods: purees, puffs and fingerfoods.  He particularly loves the organic baby snacks from Happy Family: Happy Puffs, Happy Munchies and Happy Creamies, sent for review… and a few other yummy

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We all love that baby food comes in convenient, easy to use on the go pouches.  Totally great idea, but the attached straws are a bit unforgiving, no?  The hard plastic is far from the soothing silicone nipples of a bottle.  Looking to bridge the bottle and baby food pouches,

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Homemade baby food is the way to go, and we will always support that.  But how convenient are those little premade food-filled pouches when you are running errands?  Luckily, there are a few organic options out there, but there is still the question of waste.  Have the best of both

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While it may seem more convenient to pick up a case of jarred purees, the effort involved in creating your own is not that great.  These days there is a baby food cookbook on every rack, and respected blog, and plenty of tools to get the job done. Dr. Brown’s

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When making any decisions on what foods to give to my children, I always look at the labels. There are many unfavorable ingredients that I choose not to give to my kids, so I like to look for foods with a small, understandable, pronounce-able  list of ingredients. With Peter Rabbit

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I’m noticing this trend in all aspects of my life, which is the over-engineering of things. I’ve noticed that a lot of the baby food recipe books are completely over done. I think it’s wonderful for the parents who have time to make a 5 course puree meal for their

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Boon is back with some great new products as usual, one being the fantastic Mush.   The Mush is a manual baby food processor and I know what you may be thinking: why do I need a separate food processor?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Sure I have a food processor, an immersion

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