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When beauty review opportunities are presented to me, I turn 90% down.  I’m just so particular (and spoiled) and many skincare lines in specific, are a let down — especially since I have sensitive skin.  I came into the Dr. Fischer review with some trepidation but was won over by

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karuna deluxe hydrating kit

Karuna Skin’s face masks are the closest thing to a spa experience one can have in their home.  Created with powerful ingredients and wisdom from Eastern philosophy, Karuna face masks give instant gratification and impressive results.  Pamper yourself this holiday season but stay at home with these innovative and effective

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I’ve realized while living in the desert the last few years how much the dryness takes a toll on my skin. Now that I’m in my mid 30’s I take this a lot more seriously than I used it. We just got back from Maui a week ago and I

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My love affair with Pai began with a simple yet complex moisturizer.   This moisturizer changed my life (at least in skincare).  Prior to meeting Pai, I was a sensitive-skinned skincare junkie that was often irritated and agitated.  Once I ditched my old facial moisturizer and switched to Pai’s Chamomile & Rosehip Skin

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Often times men overlook the importance of treating their skin properly.  I blame everyone on this one because wives should be pushing their husbands to commit to a skincare regimen.  And guys, well you should just agree with your wives.  You will thank them when you are old with skin that

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This miracle oil is made for just about everyone.  You may not have all of the issues, but you probably have one or two.  What exactly does this Rosehip BioRegenerate oil cater to?  This blend not only fights fine lines and sun damage, but also scars and stretch marks.  This

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Finally, a skincare line that isn’t sensitive-specific, yet formulated for sensitive skin.  What I mean by this statement is all of the lines can be used by anyone, sensitive or not.  The organic line of amazing products are tailored for everyone.  As of late, my dermatologist has let me know

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Somme Institute, you beautiful company, thank you.  I am obsessive with my skin, particularly on my face and neck.  I have always wanted to start early with age-defying, skin enhancing products.  Being so interested in skin, you can probably imagine the amount of products I have tried.  Some have partially

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