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swimming practice at Lake Hemet

This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.


We basically live in swimsuits this time of year.  Good thing, because it is 120 degrees outside this week in Palm Springs.  If we are not at home in the pool, we are fleeing the heat, heading to the beach or the lake.  Currently, we’re at the lake.  This week’s forecast frightened me – talks of record-breaking heat in the desert will do that – so now we’re camping at Lake Hemet and it is Heaven!

Gabriel has been taking swim lessons for the past couple of years during the summer time.  While he gets in quite a bit of practice at our home pool and friends’ pools, he spends most of his time splashing in the beach entry or hot tub.  Getting him to actually swim has been a bit of a challenge for me, but my main concern is really just his safety when in the water.  He’s super concerned about his safety as well (ever since he fell in and I had to save him) so he won’t venture far without his trusted SwimWays Swim Vest.

Here at Lake Hemet there is a designated swim area along with a water park – an actual water park in the lake!  Unfortunately, it’s only open on the weekends and we’re here during the week.  We’ll come back on a weekend this summer and I’ll be sure to share my images with you guys, so stay tuned for that.  Our campsite is on the lake’s shore, though, so the kids have been heading right into the water to cool off and do some fishing.

I didn’t realize until this trip just how much both of my kids liked fishing.  Gabe is figuring out his best technique currently, which has been interesting to watch.  I especially love his technique of getting all the way into the water and just submerging his whole pole.  He’ll get there eventually.  He has definitely mastered the casting part though, which is awesome.

To keep Gabe safe, whether he is swimming or full-body fishing this trip, I’m trusting SwimWays Swim Vest.  I’ve always trusted SwimWays with both of my kids to help them learn to swim and explore water with confidence.  This vest contains sturdy foam inserts that provide balanced flotation for kiddos.  They have a simple and familiar construction with a front zipper w/ safety closure.  This allows for a quick and easy take on/take off.  We all know little kids have zero patience, so this is key.

With the sun in full effect this summer, I’ve been breezing through bottle after bottle of sunscreen.  I love that the SwimWays Swim Vest has UPF 50+ sun protection, giving Gabe a bit more coverage while he’s catching dinner.  Find SwimWays products for your early swimmers at Toys-R-Us both in-store and online.

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