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children's swim vestSummer is in full swing and I know you all are taking advantage of it.  The pools are warm, the lakes are cool, and the oceans are bearable.   Wherever you are trying to beat the heat, safety first.  When you’re childless, you don’t put much thought into water safety, or at least I didn’t.   Certainly I thought of it when out on boats and in the middle of getting caught in a rip tide, but short of that, I just want to swim!  When you have a child, however, safety becomes the most important thing.  It’s the first thought to have when heading out to the water.  900 children drown each year in the United Sates. It’s the second-leading cause of unintentional death among children ages 1 to 14.  So lets get them vests they actually like to wear.

Opa Cove has an adorable line of Sea Squirts swim assist vests that are absolutely perfect for your little swimmer.  Where the arm floaties inhibit a child from swimming (or even trying) the vest enhances the experience.  First off, they are darn cute.  My daughter squealed over the site of her clownfish (aka Nemo) vest.  The fin is so adorable (and functional).   Everywhere we take her, all other parents race over to ask what she’s wearing and where to get one.

Since taking off my daughter’s arm floaties, she has been more hesitant to swim.  She simply got very used to being held up by the floaters.  She feels the need to cling to something now (preferably me) which made an easy transition to the kick board.  She can kick kick her way around the pool on those boards and even noodles or rafts, which is great.  But ask her to let go and she screams HELP! so loudly I can feel CPS already on their way.  The swim assist vest is perfect for this predicament.  The back of the vest contains 3 separate flotation panels that you can remove as your little swimmer gets stronger.  This customizable vest is a super helpful tool for parents to use with young kids.  My daughter adapted immediately to the vest and was floating on her back and swimming around on her own in no time.  Whenever she got a little too excited, I could pull her up by the fin to get her face out of the water.  See, I told you the fin is helpful.  Just don’t use the fin to pull them all out of the water.  Grab them under their arms please.  Unlike past life jackets, the vest doesn’t ride up around her face (how annoying).  This is really awesome because there are no straps that go between her legs either like a life jacket, yet it stays in place.  The jacket zips ups the front and is snug yet not restricting.  And once it gets wet, it stays in place even better.

The swim assist vests come in various styles ( Killa Whale, Blue Dolphin, Great White Shark, Clownfish, Pink Dolphin, and Angelfish).   You can purchase straight from Opa Cove for about $60.  The vests are for ages 2-7 and of course the child in said vest still needs to be under close supervision.

swim assist flotation vest for kids

Special thanks to Opa Cove for providing a sample for review purposes.

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