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surviving teething with {Dr. Brown’s}

My 13 month old is working on tooth #6 and 7 and, my oh my, he is a mess!  This one is really giving him troubles, low fevers, crankiness, super runny nose, mega amounts of drool… his face is so slick.  Between the runny nose and the drool, he is perpetually wet and is face is slightly irritated. Luckily, Dr. Brown’s, one of my most trusted brands, has a a whole host of teethers and Healthy Wipes, sent for review.

dr brown's teether coolees review in_the_know_mom

You’d think that with all that stickiness he would like his face cleaned off, but no — he shakes his head ferociously when you try to wipe him down.  Dr. Brown’s Nose & Face Wipes are the most efficient wipes for the job.  They clean the skin and dissolve the mucus that a dry tissue has trouble removing.  And since they are super soft and moisturizing, they don’t irritate already sore runny noses as they contain soothing Calendula.  These are great for teething and those pesky colds!  I need a case of these to get me through teething!

dr browns nose and face wipes review in_the_know_mom

With teething comes… teeth! Doi.  Brushing baby teeth can be difficult, especially if your baby fights you like mine does.  Dr. Brown’s Tooth & Gum Wipes are my favorite new addition to baby oral hygiene.  First off, the smell and taste like grapes!  My baby boy loves them and actually allows me to rub the whole inside surface of his mouth! He likes to get in on the scrubbing too.   Flouride-free, they are super safe.  They clean gently, unlike a brush that may be too abrasive on those very sensitive gums.  These wipes contain Xylitol, all natural and plant based, which discourages harmful bacteria that leads to tooth decay.  Simply wipe your baby’s gums, teeth, tongue, and cheeks after feeding  — they clean and also help with teething aches.

dr browns gum and teeth tissues review in_the_know_mom

The third wipes offered from Dr. Brown’s I keep in my stroller.  So many times my son throws his bottle or pacifier when he is done with them… annoying!  If you are out and forgot enough back-up pacifiers, you could really be out of luck, but with the Pacifier & Bottle Wipes from Dr. Brown’s, you’re good to go.  Natural and non-toxic, these wipes are great for in between cleanings of pacifiers, bottles and teethers.

Dr. Brown's tooth & gum wipes pacifier wipes in_the_know_mom

So clearly, teethers need things to gnash their teeth on.  If you do not give them those items, they will grab anything in reach and go to town.  Case in point, the toddler bed railing my son destroyed.  Le sigh.  I’ve found you can never have enough teethers!

dr brown's teether flexees review in_the_know_mom

Dr. Brown’s has some amazing teethers, ready for the freezer.  First you have Flexees, an ergonomic ring that is durable, easy to grasp and covered in soothing bumps.  These are freezer safe for added soothing action. Then there are the Coolees.  These adorable fruit shaped teethers are designed to hold cold and soothe sore gums.  The pizza slice shape allows all parts of the jaw to be reached.  These are my son’s personal favorites.  He actually squeals when he sees the Coolees coming out of the freezer.  Nice and flexible, they offer just the right amount of resistance.

dr brown's teethers review in_the_know_mom

Ridgees, a massaging teether, has firm edges to massage gums and soft surfaces to provide pressure relief for erupting teeth.  It is designed to reach all the way back to the molars.  They are particularly easy to wrap fingers around and are freezer safe as well.  If you have a baby who likes pacifiers, like mine, he will probably also love the Orthees.  These are wonderful to bite and chew on, relieving pressure during teething.  My son likes this one cold and he really goes to town on it!

dr brown's freezer teethers review in_the_know_mom

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