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rejuvenating desert skincare {Sia Botanics}

sia organics reviewAnyone who lives or has lived in the desert knows it takes a great power to adapt to survive the unrelenting climate.  My family lasted four years in Palm Springs, a harsh desert area in southern California, but not many of our plant choices fared nearly as well.   Turns out, certain plants that thrive in Los Angeles do not cope well in the desert’s dry 115 degree heat.  Desert dwelling plants are tough and clever breeds that stand majestically for long periods of time.  These plants have unique survivor skills that enable them to renew and restore themselves, and isn’t this what we all wish we could do?  By harnessing the power of the desert’s most beautiful, strongest inhabitants, Sia Botanics formulated a line of premium skincare.

I believe I have complicated skin, seriously unstable and a danger to itself.  It’s dry, it breaks out, it gets dull, and gosh darnit if it isn’t hyper-sensitive.  Having such high maintenance skin has led to my skincare junkie status, meaning I want to try every product I come across.  The sad truth is that because of my skin’s refusal to cooperate or comply in any way, most end up given away or in the trash after a couple uses.  So when I find something that not only my skin can tolerate but actually responds to, I’m excited.  This is the case with the Sia Botanics skincare line, which carries everything from serums to tonics to scrubs.

Perfect for fall is the Pumpkin Clarifying Treatment from the Desert Plus collection.  Brighten the dull skin that becomes apparent in these cooler, sunless months with this potent facial mask.  Fresh pumpkin is full of antioxidants, enzymes and natural glycolic acids that truly transform the skin.  Lifeless skin will regain that bit of glow you are missing from summer.  This mask also improves texture, tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Superfood for the skin, the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is an absolute must for the season.  There is a bit of tingle as the product starts to work its magic, but nothing irritating.  I would know, says the girl with the sensitive skin.  The only thing to note about the mask is that when it dries, it dries.  It would behoove you to rinse this away with a sponge or cloth like I do.

Sia Bontanics ingredients are straight from nature, meaning there is never anything synthetic involved.  The ingredient lists read like a delicious recipe.  All products are vegan and do not use any parabens, sulfates, colorants, fragrances or petrochemicals, and they are not tested on animals.  Good for the environment, great for the skin, win-win skincare from Tucson, Arizona.

Products were provided by Sia Botanics to facilitate this review.

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