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learning materials preventing Summer Brain Drain {Super Duper Publications}

Keeping with my Summer Brain Drain theme these days, we have the latest and greatest from Super Duper Publications, an amazing source of learning materials for kids.  Previously only available to teachers, therapists and special needs professionals, Super Duper is now on the consumer market.  Let the great roar of cheers from the parent and homeschooling crowd commence…

The National Parenting Center (TNPC) performs independent testing and gives Seal of Approvals to only the best must-have items.  The judges have awarded half a dozen Spring 2013 Seal Of Approvals to Super Duper educational tools.  This is an incredible feat, to win with every product submitted! I tested three of them, sent to us from Super Duper themselves.

Being a homeschooling mom can be challenging at times, but useful resources and tools like the ones found at Super Duper Publications help so much.  We’ve left Kindergarten officially here and are entering Summer School Session, a recap of this past year and a look into 1st Grade.  I like to make summer session a bit more laid back, as even homeschoolers deserve a little break.

These three products from Super Duper are really just fun games to my whip-smart daughter.  Once I introduced them to her, she kept asking to play them each day.  I think because there are no workbooks involved, she doesn’t think of them as school work.  That is homeschooling gold!!

Vocabulary Chipper Chat was the first my daughter asked to play since the box looked the most like a board game.  This is a grow with your kid tool, perfect for ages 5-11 (look at that range!).  It is designed to help your elementary-schoolers develop simple and complex language concepts and vocabulary skills.  Inside you will find a stack of game boards (for 5 students), numbered in difficulty, that are bright and durable… perfect for reuse and a little abuse.

Super Duper vocabulary chipper chat review in_the_know_mom husvar_photo

360 vocabulary cards provide the prompts and activities to get the learning started, covering 12 vocabulary categories:

  • Analogies
  • Associations
  • Attributes
  • Categories
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Context Clues
  • Figurative Language
  • Functions
  • Homonyms
  • Homophones
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Verbs

I was pleasantly surprised to learn my daughter took quickly to some of the topics we hadn’t touched yet.  The game pieces are magnetic, making clean up just a wave of a wand.  They also stay in place quite well on the game board, plus they are pretty.  Watch how fast your kids will want to clean up!

super duper vocabulary chipper chat husvar_photo in_the_know_mom

The next product I thought was ingenious is Just For Laughs, a really smart educational tool.  Utilizing the comical make-up of jokes, kids are asked to analyze popular joke formats to find out why they are funny. You know how when you learn another language it is so hard to get their jokes?  You pretty much have to be fluent to catch it.  Jokes are an important part of any language and culture, and the smarter you are, the better your jokes… that can’t be a coincidence.  Jokes require intellect.

The recommended age for these is 8+ or 3rd Grade.  These are a bit beyond my six year old, but I’m still introducing her to the topic anyhoo. She already has benefited from Just For Laughs, specifically, understanding why a joke with a multiple-meaning word is funny, and trying to craft her own.  She’s got a bit to go before she becomes a stand-up comedian, but anything that gets her brain gears a movin’ is awesome.  This is one of those less obvious teaching tools — jokes!  As with Just For Laughs, Which One Doesn’t Belong? comes in a nifty tin, a convenient storage solution.

Super Duper Just For Laughs review in_the_know_mom

Inside this cute tin are: 40 jokes with multiple meaning words, 30 with multiple meaning phrases, and 30 with multiple meaning sentences.  They are numbered in difficulty level.  Also inside, you will find “smile” tokens that are awarded for correct answers, the amount varying with the jokes difficulty level.  Kids love rewards and being competitive, so I find this a very important aspect.

For our third choice, we picked out Which One Doesn’t Belong? a product right on target for my six year old and beyond.  With 100 double-sided cards, you have 200 lists to challenge students to find which of the six items is not a fit.  There are two levels, one being more difficult than the other.  Students can choose the right answer and then use a spiffy decoder to uncover the right answer.  Needless to say, the light-up decoder is a fan favorite in the classroom.

We like to do this at night our in the yard to maximize the decoder effect.  This isn’t necessary as the decoder is plenty bright for mid-day light, it’s just a way to make the activity even more fun.

Super Duper which one doesn't belong review homeschool games

These products are perfect for battling Summer Brain Drain, enhancing your homeschool arsenal, or as a donation to your kids’ school.  I’m loving the donate idea!  Any classroom would love a collection of these products as they truly are super duper.

Purchase online at Super Duper Publications and keep in the know by liking on Facebook and following on Twitter.  Make sure to use the code KSBLOG200 for 15% OFF your order.  Offer expires June 30, 2013.

super duper publications review

Products were provided by Super Duper to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% mine.

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    These look AWESOME! I’ve been looking something for my Kindergarten graduate to keep him busy!

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    Great way to keep the kids learning all summer while they have fun!

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    WOW, I love the light and the whole idea. This is perfect to keep the kids going through the summer. Thank you

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE these learning games. Will definitely be checking them out this week. Thanks for sharing.

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