sunny day pond, a cooperative board game {Peaceable Kingdom}

I have become quite the fan of Peaceable Kingdom’s Cooperative Games.  Their cooperative board games usually consist of some sort of learning aspect and are non competitive.  When competition is eliminated, especially when you are playing games with a 2.5 year old and a 5.5 year old, the experience is just so much better overall. No one is getting mad or fighting because we are all working together. Therefore, making the game much more enjoyable and stress free for everyone.

Peaceable Kingdom sent us Sunny Day Pond to review. This is a great game for both my kids’ age groups. It helps my youngest learn about matching; by having her choose a puzzle piece that matches what was spun on the spinner and then placing it on the identical picture that is on the board.  It also helps her develop her fine motor skills by putting the puzzle pieces together. For my older daughter it really helps her practice being patient and learning to work as a team. She loves to help the little one put the puzzle together.

photo 1The goal of the game is to put 3 different 4-piece puzzles together before it rains. Each player spins the spinner. If the pointer lands on a color, then you pick a puzzle piece that matches that color and place it on the board. If you land on a rain drop, then you place one of the 6 drops on the board. I think out of the 20 or so times we’ve played, we’ve only got rained out 2 times (landing on 6 rain drops and having them placed on the board).  Even when that happens, the kids don’t get upset, which is great.

photo 2Since the game consists of just puzzle pieces no one argues over “who” they are going to be like in other games that we have. I also like to have the general household game rule that the youngest player goes first. This works well for us, it eliminates the argument over who goes first. I was also happy to see that if you lose any pieces to the game, Peaceable Kingdom will replace the pieces for free. Same goes to any broken pieces. Kudos to them for providing those items for free.

Actual playtime is about a ten minute time commitment. I really like this aspect of the game. It allows for you to have a quick game or to play multiple rounds, depending on attention spans at that moment. We love playing games together as a family.  I think it’s a perfect way to spend indoor family time especially since the kids are having fun and still learning important skills at the same time.

Peaceable Kingdom has a variety of cooperative games, board games, card games and stickers. Some of their games are award winning, like Sunny Day Pond. This game recently won the 2014 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold award. Check out their site, see all their amazing products, read up about their charitable giving and green commitment. You can purchase Sunny Day Pond here for $15.99.

Special thanks to Peaceable Kingdom for providing a sample to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. angeline
    May 3, 2014 at 6:39 am — Reply

    my kids are 5 and 3 we LOVE our Hoot Owl Hoot board game by PeaceableKingdom … love cooperative games! the owl one in particular we always find exciting each time we’ve played in the year we’ve had it

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