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summery vegetarian meals with HelloFresh

I find it hard to believe that June is just about over.  We crammed so much into this past month; last week in particular was super-packed, leaving me a bit super-exhausted.  Prepping and preparing elaborate dinners was the last thing on my mind.  Luckily, I caught a break.  A very welcome HelloFresh meal delivery box showed up on my doorstep, ensuring my family would get a healthy, tasty, summer fresh dinner tonight.  Thank you HelloFresh for sponsoring this post.

I’m what you could call a foodie.  Problem is, I’m also short on timie.  I love to shop for ingredients, I super love to prep ingredients and I also enjoy the cooking process, especially when making food for others.  There is so much joy that comes from preparing meals for my family.  Some days, especially during the busy summer months, I just can’t make it happen and I rely on subpar options in my freezer.  This is where HelloFresh comes into play.

HelloFresh takes out a lot of the work – the scouring Pinterest for new recipes, the polling of family members for requests, and the multiple trips to the grocery store (multiple because I always forget something).  But better than finished meal delivery, HelloFresh leaves you with the fun part – the (minimal) prep work and the cooking.

We’re a cooking family.  Both my husband and I love to cook and both of my kids love to help.  I think it is a really important skill to teach children – a basic life skill that, if focused on natural, fresh ingredients, will help kids to become healthy adults.  My 10 year old makes meals on her own now (and is totally obsessed with MasterChef Junior).  She absolutely loves meal delivery boxes because she knows we always do them together.  But what to eat first?

This summery HelloFresh box contained three vegetarian meals for a family of 4.  One, Creamy Mushroom Ragu, which features polenta cakes and an arugula salad.  Everything you need to make this meal is in the box, all high end ingredients and fresh produce.  This one had my vote, but my daughter isn’t a big mushroom fan (yet) so we kept looking.

Next box we opened was for Feisty Frijole Tostadas.  Um, yes please.  Here in Southern California, we eat a lot of Mexican-inspired foods so tostadas are a common and welcome occurrence.  I’m a huge fan of the bright, balanced flavors of salty, sweet and savory, but the third box was calling my name.

Nectarine and Zucchini Panzanella – what could be better on a hot summer day?  I was so excited to make this salad and it did not disappoint!

I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare dinner, so this simple yet flavorful salad was perfect.  I started with the bread, which I just quickly cubed and tossed into the oven.  That was it for the cooking!  The rest was just prep, which I had my daughter help me with.  Four hands are better than two.

Inside your HelloFresh box is just about everything you need to serve dinner, including dressing components, seasonings, etc.  For this meal, I needed to ad my own salt, pepper and olive oil, which of course everyone has on hand.

Dinner was served and it was a huge hit with everyone.  All of the ingredients were so fresh, so flavorful, and I admittedly let the meal kits sit in the fridge for a few days before I got to them.  Everything was still perfect after those days in the fridge.  You could really tell that HelloFresh only uses high quality ingredients.  Ready to take dinner to the next level (and get a helping hand?) Use code INTHEKNOW30 for $30 off your first HelloFresh box!

Next night?  Creamy Mushroom Ragu.  I’ll make a mushroom fan out of this girl yet!

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