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When I had my first child, I carried an enormous diaper bag containing everything under the sun.  I was prepared for ANYTHING.  I mean, I had a full-on first aid station in there, snake bit kit included.  By the time my second child decided to come, my first was 6 and I was way out of the diaper bag game.  I had grown quite fond of carrying little clutches and the thought of going back to my 20 lb diaper bag was laughable.  Certain things are totally necessary when you have a young child though, so I carried this streamlined version of my original diaper bag:

  • 2-3 diapers.  As a first time mom, I would carry enough diapers to last a long weekend.  If your child burns through 3 diapers and needs more while you’re running errands, there might be a larger problem – plus, you can always buy more while you’re out, it’s not like you won’t use them!
  • pacifier, back-up pacifier.  Unless you want a complete meltdown, don’t forget a back-up pacifier – this only applies to pacifier babes, of course.
  • disposable changing pad. Because, public restrooms…
  • meltdown toy.  Always have a toy or book on hand that calms your child when they start to meltdown in public.
  • food.  This will depend on the age of the baby/toddler, but food and snacks are probably a parent’s best friend for keeping kids calm/quiet on outtings.
  • a clutch of wipes.  In a rush running out of the house, I’ve definitely grabbed a whole tub of wipes before which is not purse-friendly.  Luckily, Huggies Natural Care Wipes at Sam’s Club come with the perfect, stylish clutch!

That is 100% all I carry in my “diaper bag” (aka my purse) for my wee one.  I do, however, keep other essentials in my car like: a change of clothing, sunscreen, diaper rash cream, extra diapers/wipes, first aid kit, etc.   Think of your car as your secondary diaper bag and you can free your shoulder of much weight!

At Sam’s Club, where I ALWAYS buy my wipes, purchase Huggies Natural Care Wipes and find a cute clutch included.  This is such a smart idea and encourages pack rat moms everywhere to only bring an actual amount of wipes needed.  Now that my youngest is a toddler, I go through even more wipes with sticky foods and dirty desert, but this clutch always has more than enough for my needs!  If you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership, learn more here!


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