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exceptionally rad clothing for kids {Stella Blu}

Stella Blu Clothing designs are inspired by bikers, hippies, and 80s-era Trapper Keepers.  As a wife to a heavily tattooed man, a hippie at heart and long time lover of Trapper Keepers, I can’t imagine a company more up my alley.  With designs for both baby and child, boy and girl, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Stella Blu tees for my kiddos.

Stella Blu baby clothing review in_the_know_mom

My baby boy is just about 6 months.  Now that he is sitting up, it is much more fun to dress him.  When they are simply amorphous blobs on their backs, the clothing doesn’t seem so important.  It is really just for the parents benefit to even put clothes on them around the house, which I didn’t do too much of with this guy, my second child.  Most days you would find him simply in a cloth diaper.

Once their unique personalities start to shine through and they begin to sit up, crawl and stand, baby’s wardrobe begins to have an importance.  That’s where I am at now, and I just love to find little gems like the pieces at Stella Blu for him to wear.

Stella Blu is so full of so many killer designs.  I had a really difficult time choosing, but ultimately went with my gut, always good to do, and settled on the Panther Tee.  Bold, masculine graphics and colors really make this a stand-out tee.  No pastels or cutesy characters here, just a really rad black panther on a soft, distressed-looking tee.

stella blu clothing review in_the_know_mom

For my daughter, I went with the Unicorn Tee.  Typically, I ask her opinion on all items coming to her for review, especially when it comes to clothing, but this was too obvious.  As soon as I laid eyes upon the bright rainbow and majestic unicorn, I knew this was the one.

The Unicorn Tee really sums my daughter up.  Colorful, whimsical, bold… it is a little girl dream and reminds me of the Lisa Frank gear I adored when I was little.  As soon as the tee makes it out of the dryer, she’s wearing it again, which is one of the first times I’ve seen her do this with something other than a dress.

stella blu clothing review in_the_know_mom

Besides being really wonderfully adorable, the Stella Blu tees are incredibly soft… really, really soft.  They are very thin (i.e. great for summer or layering) but still high quality.  There’s a huge difference between the type of thin that you know will sprout holes with even the lightest wear, and high quality thin that is breezy and soft.  Stella Blu tees are the later.  They are slim cut, stretchy, silky, breathable… in a word, perfect.

Stella Blu is also exceptionally eco-friendly.  The thoughtful designs are thoughtfully printed with non-toxic inks, and in such a way that the colors will not fade.  I cannot attest to this wholly, but can tell you I’ve already washed the Unicorn Tee a good 5 times and it looks absolutely the same as the day it arrived, so looking very promising!

Purchase these tees and many more at Stella Blu Clothing Co. online.  I also heard Stella Blu is now available at Fred Segal, which seems like a perfect fit.  This also means they will be super hot with the fashionable kiddos!  I will be snapping up more designs very shortly for both my baby boy and 6 year old girl!

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Product was provided by Stella Blue Clothing Co. to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.

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    Oooooh I like those!!! Want!

    ps those kids of yours are so gorgeous!

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