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stainless steel keys {Kleynimals}

I’m not sure what it is exactly about keys that absolutely fascinate babies. Nonetheless, like a moth to a flame, babies will cry and whine as they reach out their hands begging for you to give them your keys. After several attempts to ignore, you’ll give in. Although you’ve satisfied your child, you’re looking at them playing and sucking on those keys feeling like an awful parent. This is where Eli the Elephant, Gus the Giraffe and Leo the Lion come to your rescue. These adorable animals are printed on non-toxic stainless steel “keys” called Kleynimals. These metal keys satisfy your child’s desire for those nasty keys while being free of lead contamination, sharp edges and just all that other nasty stuff that is all over your keys. I mean, do you wash your keys? I know I don’t! Hmmm, maybe I should. What’s great about these is if they’re dirty, toss them in the dishwasher and they’re safe for your little one to gnaw on again.

Kleynimals are certified to ASTM Standards for babies 6 and up and have been specifically tested for lead and other hazards. Not only did they create a product that your child will adore, but it also has a very low environmental impact. Kleynimals is a Green Company that prints everything on recycled paper and mails is recycled packaging. Your Kleynimals will arrive in an unbleached muslin bag for you to reuse over and over again. Made in the USA by a family-owned company. 

Head over to Kleynimals and purchase your set of animal keys for your child or for someone close to you expecting. Make a smart decision for your child and our earth.


Special thanks to Kleynimals for providing a sample for review purposes.

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