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festive decor and a shamrock shot {St. Patrick’s Day}

Holidays are always a fun time to get creative with your kids.  St. Patrick’s Day is actually one of my favorites, despite its possible not kid-friendly trends.  Counter to what some may think, there is actually a reason behind the alcohol-guzzling tradition that is so commonly attributed to St. Patrick’s Day .  According to Irish legend, St. Patrick (patron Saint of Ireland) was poured a less than full measure of whiskey.  To teach the bartender/innkeeper a lesson, St. Patrick told him that there was a monstrous beast that lived in the basement who fed off of his dishonesty.  St. Patrick advised him have a generous heart and the beast would die.  When St. Patrick returned some time later, the barkeep was filling whiskey to the brim for his patrons.  In the cellar the devil had grown emaciated due to the hostelry owner’s generosity and St. Patrick banished the demon from the basement, proclaiming that everyone would have a drop of the hard stuff on this day (March 17th) from here on.  The Irish have since shared in the tradition known as Pota Phadraig or Patrick’s Pot. The custom is known as “drowning the shamrock” because it is customary to float a leaf of the plant in the whiskey before downing the shot.  Happy Holidays, a legitimate reason to break out the booze!

Drowning the Shamrock, shamrock coasters are just foam cutouts from the craft store.

When it comes to St. Patrick’s day decor, it can’t get much easier than the lucky shamrock, aka an Oxalis Regnelli.  Around this time of year you can find them everywhere.   For a naturally festive look, simply pop a few of these around the house, and don’t forget to water them!  They love a moist surrounding so never let them dry out.  They will close up in the evening so be aware of this if you are having a late party.  However, when the sun shines, so do they, spreading their three lucky leaves.  To dress up the shamrocks, I employed my daughter to twist pipe cleaner rainbows over them.  We simply twisted each color around 2 other pipe cleaners.  Then we positioned them in order over the plants.  They make great centerpieces!

Oxalis Regnelli at night and during the day.


Do you have any decorating ideas for the holiday?

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