a lotion so easy a man can do it {Spray It Forward}

This sponsored post about Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer and men was written while participating in my partnership with Vaseline and One2One Network, but as always, all opinions are my own.

I love my husband.  He’s perfect (okay, stop reading now, Neil).  There are a few things I find totally acceptable to nag your husband about: drinking more water, turning dirty laundry right side out and putting the toilet seat down.  Another one I find myself nagging about is lotion.

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My mans is definitely a groomer.  He takes a lot of pride in his appearance from his barbered “proper hair style” all the way down to his Gucci loafers.  Along that travel down, you will notice a LOT of tattoos.  Do you know what makes tattoos look their best?  Lotion!  Yet, he still neglects to lather it on daily.  With the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer, he can spray, rub and go.  Finally, I’m seeing him moisturize everyday and I’m very pleased with that — our skin isn’t getting any younger after all!

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This is what we call a WIN, ladies.  You know what is my personal complaint with lotioning (and why I also tend to skip on busy days?) how long it takes to dry! It can be so difficult to pull skinny jeans on when your legs are sticky with lotion.  Vaseline Spray & Go absorbs in 10 seconds with a quick few rubs.  Ah-mazing!

Vaseline Spray & Go lotion review in_the_know_mom

The Spray & Go Moisturizer is a lightweight lotion that goes on even because it is a spray.  It absorbs and you are left with smooth, supple skin — no greasy remnants like some sub-par lotions.  There are three variations: Total Moisture, Aloe Fresh and Cocoa Radiant — as well as one special for men.  You know I will be stocking up on the Vaseline® Men Spray Lotion!

Before you stock up, visit the Vaseline Facebook page to download a coupon for $4 off two Spray & Go Moisturizer — $2 for you and $2 for a friend you share the deal with on Facebook — Spray It Forward!  Offer valid from 2/7 -3/9

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