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Something that comes along with being a mom of a girl is lots of singing in the home.  My daughter is always belting out something, typically that song from Frozen all the girls are obsessed with!  We love music in our house and welcome her to express herself as she sees fit — except for when the baby is sleeping.  Please, on everything that is Holy, not while the teething baby is sleeping.  Any other time, let ‘er rip!
sophia the first headphones review in_the_know_momMan does this girl loves this song!  It reminds me of the days I spent recording a song from the radio onto a cassette, and then playing, rewinding, playing, rewinding just to memorize the song.  Now the kids just grab their iPad, go to YouTube and press play.

Anyway, to fully be emersed in a song, you need to block out everything around you, you need headphones, but those buds kill my daughter’s ears.  These Sophia the First Princess in Training  headphones from eKids are adjustable, comfortable and really, really cute.

sophia the first headphones ekids review in_the_know_mom

What better to sing Disney tunes with than headphones with a tiara??!

sophia the first ekids headphones review in_the_know_mom

My daughter also does a lot of iPad time for homeschool reasons, so the headphones are wonderful for helping her to focus.  Her baby brother can be hollering next to her and she still stays in the zone.

sophia the first tiara headphones ekids in_the_know_mom

For kids 3-16, purchase the Disney Sofia the First Princess in Training Headphones for just $20 at Toys-R-Us.

sophia the first tiara heaphones review

Product was provided by eKids to facilitate this review.

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  1. February 5, 2014 at 10:05 pm — Reply

    Those are too cute! They’d make a great gift for my youngest who loves Sophia, and loves singing that song from Frozen. ;) lol

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