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School’s out for summer and where better to now spend weekdays than poolside?  That’s where you’ll find us.  A week ago, we built a fun tiki bar as a family for the pool patio area (tutorial on the blog).  It was one of the best ideas I’ve had yet and we use it every day!  This is a kid friendly tiki bar and we mostly use it to keep refreshing pool beverages like coconut water and nutritious snacks on hand for pool time.

In the snack bin of the storage shelf, I keep foods the whole family likes to refuel with.  Most are gluten-free.  I have granola, trail mixes, fruit snacks, apples, things of that nature, right in reach.  Sometimes the kids crave protein, and when I don’t want to abandon my pool float and heat up the grill, I just send them for Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks.

Meat snacks are the perfect way to refuel on the go or when you’re having a lazy day by the pool.  They offer a good dose of protein to keep you going – running errands, adventuring or swimming (okay, we all know I’m not swimming, I’m just floating).  I’m pretty picky when choosing my meat snacks and only want the best.  I’m picky about the fresh meats I buy for my family, so why would it be any different with the snacks?  Ultra premium Lorissa’s Kitchen has been my go-to since I discovered it on my local grocer’s shelves.

Lorrisa’s Kitchen is made from responsibly raised livestock – 100% grass fed beef, antibiotic free chicken and pork, no growth hormones.  These are important things that I look for in all meat products I purchase.  The snacks contain no added MSG, no preservatives and no nitrates.  I can feel good about handing these to my family and that’s what it’s all about.

Meat snacks tend to come in the same ho-hum flavors, right?  Generally, it’s original, teriyaki and burn-your-face-off spicy.  Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks come in AMAZING flavors like Korean Barbeque (beef) and Sweet Chili (pork).

Two other favorites: Szechuan Peppercorn and Ginger Teriyaki.  Want to win some free Lorissa’s Kitchen products for your pool bag?  Check out this sweepstakes where you can enter for a chance to receive one of 10 tote bags filled with 10 packages of Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks!  How amazing does that sound?

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