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It’s not everyday I come across something truly unique, and often times I think I’ve just seen it all. Perhaps that is because I am still surrounded with baby and toddler toys, but as my oldest grows even older, the toys get more interesting for all of us.  Enter the most amazing little robot I’ve seen to date – the super smart Ozobot that makes decisions based on color patterns that you design!

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This is definitely not a toy for babies but it is surprisingly easy to figure out with a little time and effort. Recommended for kids aged 13+, if you are giving this toy to a younger kid, make sure a parent is around to help guide them to avoid getting frustrated.  My 7 year old picked up on the patterns pretty quickly though, so give even your younger ones a shot — they might really impress you!

#ozobot review

So let’s start with the basics as I’m still learning how to operate this little guy!  The Ozobot follows your directions based on a color coding language of red, blue, green and black in different patterns. Ozobot will follow a path forward, backwards, fast, slow, right, left, even dance — all based on the color sequences you create!  The little bot will also light up the color that it is currently reading. The multi-award winning Ozobot follows 1000s of commands and memorizes & plays back up to 500 of your choice moves — holy mackerel!  You are in control as you program Ozobot to move, play and dance on any surface. Racetracks, mazes, mind teasers, and dance routines are just a part of Ozobot’s world of smart entertainment.

#ozobot review in_the_know_mom

He will move on paper and also the surface of your tablet or smartphone thanks to the matching apps like Ozoluck, OzoPath and OzoDraw (all free on the Apple and Google Play app stores.) More free apps are already in the pipeline so this little guy will never get old!  These different apps allow you to create, to solve and to explore — lots of puzzle-type games to make you think!

#ozobot review in_the_know_mom

Ozobot comes in a single pack and a dual pack.  In the dual pack, you receive two Ozobots, a black one and a white one along with two skins to switch up their look.  Also included are game & instruction cards, two protective carrying cases and two custom micro-usb cables for charging.

This game piece has everyone talking at theConsumer Electronics Show (CES) and the American International Toy Fair.  USA Today and Popular Science gave Ozobot their Best Tech Toys of Toy Fair distinction. Dr. Toy has also placed Ozobot on her 10 Best Technology list for 2014.  Everyone is impressed and it’s easy to see why!

Purchase your Ozobot online — $49.99 for a single pack and $99.99 for the dual pack.  As of this month you can find Ozobot at retailers like, and and The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Design Store.  Evollve Inc. (the company behind Ozobot) has an upcoming in-store event at the MOMA Design Store in NYC next month, so check it out if you are in the area!

Product was provided by Evollve Inc to facilitate this review.

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