Sleepovers and Campouts with the Foocot {Joovy}

Joovy Foocot reviewWith back to school season approaching, we are gearing up for new friends and lots of sleepovers.  Whether your child is having company over, or they are the company elsewhere, the Joovy Foocot is the perfect pop-up cot.

The Joovy Foocot proves useful in many different situations starting with nap time.  My daughter has always made makeshift beds for nap time.  I’m not sure why she never wanted to sleep in her regular bed for a midday nap, but she didn’t.  I would often find her on the floor atop a pile of blankets like Princess and the Pea.   The Foocot is a better alternative.  It can be popped up anywhere in the home for an impromptu nap — including nanny or grandma’s house.

For on the go napping, the Foocot is ideal.  It folds up easily and slides into its matching travel bag, making it portable and conveniently stow-able.   Slip the folded Foocot into your trunk for time spent away, from day trips to vacations.  No need to order an uncomfortable roll away bed at the hotel, simply bring your Foocot Child’s Cot.  It is also perfect for camping trips, and with Girl Scouts starting back up, I know my daughter will be getting a lot of use this way.

According to my tester, the Foocot is incredibly comfortable to lay on.  I know this is a fact as my daughter (the tester) has been taking advantage of the cot as much as possible, refusing to sleep in her bed at night.  She lounges on the cot during the day with books or watching TV, and come night, it is a real struggle to convince her to sleep in her bed.  Attached to the Foocot are two storage pockets.  Depending on how you are using the cot then, these pockets can contain an assortment of items.  For camping, think flashlight and snacks; for sleepovers, think toothbrush and toys.  They are both roomy enough to hold a bit, whatever it is your child needs close.

The Joovy Foocot supports a child up to 48 inches tall or 75 lbs.  It is super sturdy, made from a steel frame and top grade nylon fabric.  Sweet enough for any relaxed lounging, yet tough enough for some rugged travel.  Included with the Foocot is 100% cotton sheet.  Also available for added comfort is the Foocot Quilted Mattress which straps around the corners, sold separately.

Purchase your own Foocot for home use, daycare, vacation, camping and even lounging, for $69.99 — a price well worth spending on this high quality child cot.  The Foocot comes in pink, blue, green and orange.

Joovy Foocot

A product was provided by Joovy to facilitate this review.

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