sleep tips for restless toddlers {and Daylight Savings}

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I’ve shared sleep tips for baby before, but the world of toddlers is much different.  Where before it was all swaddling, sleep machines and cuddles, toddlers require more (or at least mine does).  So if you have a restless sleeper on your hands, and are terrified of how the time change will affect your toddler, here are my top tips:

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Sleep Tips for Restless Toddlers

  1. Wear them out.  Rule number one when living with a toddler and hoping for a peaceful night’s sleep is wear. them. out.  I’m talking run them into the ground all day until they pass out at the dinner table worn out.
  2. Get outside early.  Sunlight is your friend so as soon as their peepers open, pull the shades up and let the sun flood in.  Send them out in the yard or take a trip to the park (the earlier the better).  Make sure to keep the shades open as day transitions to night.  These are our best sleep cues and KEY when it comes to Daylight Savings transitions.
  3. Set up a comfortable bed.  If you’ve ever slept upon a cheap mattress, you understand the importance of a comfortable place to sleep.  Make sure you have a quality mattress with soft bedding, as well as a small toddler pillow.  Buy soft, well-fitting pajamas that breath so your tot does not overheat… organic cotton is ideal.
  4. Drown out the world outside.  When it is time for bed, make sure to block out the world beyond your toddler’s room.  Traffic, street lights, barking dogs (or howling coyotes here) are all unnecessary distractions that can rouse your sleepy toddler.  Buy blackout curtains for his windows (this will help them to not rise at first light) and play lullabies or use a sound machine.  My son has listened to white noise since he was born and I know it helps keep him deep in sleep.
  5. Naps.  My toddler takes one nap a day now and it is crucial to get that done.  Without a proper nap, toddlers can become overtired and have a difficult time sleeping later that day.  Here is where those blackout curtains will be crucial!  We’re about to “fall back” an hour so naps will be even more pivotal as they adjust to a later-feeling bedtime.

For those who are not potty trained yet, perhaps the most important tip is to put them to bed in a fresh, leak-resistant diaper.  Nothing like a wet diaper to wake up a toddler — what an uncomfortable feeling — especially if they have leaked through their pajamas and sheets!  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Pampers are my trial-tested favorites, hands down.  Unlike other diapers that offer two layers, Pampers diapers have three absorbent layers that provide up to 12 hours of overnight dryness protection. It’s Pampers hope to minimize sleep disruptions so that little ones get the sweet slumber they deserve and need!  Well, thank you, Pampers!

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