6 ways to warm up this winter


It’s just about to turn 2018 and while the days are still warm here in the desert, the nights are teeth-chattering cold.  When your body is used to 115 degree summers, 52 degree mornings feels bitter cold.  I’m enjoying it for the most part, a welcome change from our constant warm weather. In fact, the winter has become my favorite season since moving to the desert. While I love it, I still get chilled to the bone at nights and in the mornings, which is why I’ve compiled my top 5 ways to warm up this winter!

how to warm up your body in winter

chunky knit blankets

I cannot begin to express my level of love for blankets. Even in the desert summer, you will see me wrapped up in a blanket at home. The only thing that changes with the seasons is the type of blanket. In winter I trade my thin fabrics for chunky knits. Wrap up!

take hot – to – cold showers

A hot shower is a guaranteed way to warm up, but cold water increases blood circulation between your skin and organs.  Start off in a warm shower and once your body isn’t chilled any longer, turn the water cold to get the blood moving. Cold showers also help to shake off fatigue and increase your alertness, so win win.

cover your feet and head

When you’re wearing clothes, heat escapes from the exposed parts of you (i.e. hands and head). Warm up instantly with thick socks/slippers and a knit hat or headband.

how to warm up your body in winter

enjoy warm beverages

It’s probably just in my head, but drinking a hot mug of tea or cocoa warms me up at my core. The warm mug in my hands and I’m halfway there! Maybe it’s the sense of comfort, or the way you can feel the warm liquid travel down, but a warm mug of tea is Heaven in the winter!

jump up and then town

If you really need to get warmed up fast (anywhere) just do a set of exercises. Jumping jacks are my go-to when I’m feeling frozen, but anything that gets the blood pumping works. A quick burst of exercise is also great for your mood!

cozy pajamas

Is there anything better than coming home, ripping off your cold weather layers and putting on cozy pajamas? Only one thing – staying in pajamas all day long.

climateright cuddl duds

I’m all about finding new favorite pajamas, and right now I am loving the simple and warm plush velour ClimateRight by Cuddl Duds at Walmart. They are available in a long sleeve crewneck pullover top and coordinating velour pant – 6 different mix-n-match prints.  I chose the black ombre style in both top and bottom since it seemed like a fun print for winter. The colors within are purple/teal in shade.

The top features raglan sleeves, which I love since it breaks up the pattern on the black ombre style.  These soft to the tough pants have an elastic waist band and pockets (I can’t stand a pant without pockets!!). They go right to the tops of my feet, which is perfect. I’m wearing the small size and I’m 5’7 for reference. They are loose enough for comfort, but thin in fabric so they fit comfortably under boots – which is great for running a quick errand without changing like dropping the kids off at school.

Cuddl Duds ClimateRight

Cuddl Duds at Walmart are exclusively available at Walmart. You can find them on a table in the ladies pajama section. I couldn’t find my size in store (it was like the day after Christmas so that’s not surprising) so I ordered online! I opted to order online and enjoy free in-store pickup just a couple days later. Shop the full assortment of layering pieces and sleepwear now on where you can enjoy free in-store pickup or 2-day free shipping (with a qualifying $35 purchase).

Cuddl Duds at Walmart


Stay warm all winter, through all activities with Cuddl Duds by Walmart

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