simplifying social media {Meet Soci}

Soci facebook fan page templatesAs a small business you probably have wondered how to create a page on Facebook that actually drives quality traffic.  When you are a small business with a not so large marketing budget, it can be difficult to get yourself seen.  Often to even make a dent in the social media world, you need help, and that help generally costs you quite a bit.  But what if you do not need something built from the ground up? What if there was a company that could take your existing Facebook Fan Page and skyrocket it?  SOCI is exactly what you are looking for.  SOCI can supercharge your page by adding interactive, social, viral and rich media tools.  So whether you are a blog, organization or small company trying to share your amazing products, SOCI can help.

On SOCI, you can choose from quality-built Facebook fan page templates, fully customize it to your needs and have it published onto the leading social platform, Facebook.  Control freak?  SOCI makes it easy to pick and choose the media tools you want to utilize.  After all, you know your company better than anyone else, you just don’t have the media maven skill required to flourish on these platforms.  The tools I speak of are attractive features like bold galleries (to house your products), rich contact forms, team pages, even a blog that really brings in and keeps traffic.  We’re talking viral traffic here, folks.  Enhance your Facebook presence and get seen.  With the help of SOCI, your business can become a brand, and along the way see increased interest and revenue.

There is so much more SOCI can offer.  Check out their pricing plans, which are flexible and customized to your organization or business.  You can easily set up a schedule that works, one that can be modified at any time.  Choose from the Standard SOCI or SOCI Pro ringing in at $19.99 – 49.99 a month (savings when you opt for a longer commitment).

This is brought to you by Soci.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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