simple ways to crush it as a mom

I’m really hard on myself, especially when it comes to being a mom.  Being a mom is such a huge responsibility and I don’t take it lightly.  While this is probably a good thing, it is also really important to take a chill pill and appreciate the everyday “crushing it” mom moments… “mom”ents?  Being a good mom isn’t about having a Pinterest perfect life – it is about the small things you do selflessly for your kids.  Let’s celebrate ourselves today, shall we?

The other day, I was talking to my newly married friend about why she should have kids.  She and her husband are both gorgeous specimen, so just for that fact alone they should be reproducing.  If you’re born with that much gorg, you really owe it to the world to procreate.  She had a pretty good reason not to, though, that I couldn’t deny.  Every day I wake up, open my laptop and cringe as my news homepage opens.  What awful events am I about to learn happened and why would I have brought kids into the world?  But, isn’t that also the perfect reason to have kids?  Raise them right and release their kind souls into the world to make it better?  That’s the way I see it!

So how do we raise good kids? hmmm. Well, that’s pretty complicated but I think being a good mom is a big part of it.  Here are my thoughts on how we can totally CRUSH IT as moms:

  1. Show up.  Kids and their schedules – so inconvenient, right?  Every month, I sit down and map out the next 30-31 days and I inhale sharply.  Between school and extra curricular activities, kids really fill up the planner.  I have to keep pushing back plans of my own to make room for them, but at the end of the day, one of the most important parts of being a parent is being involved and accountable.  Go to practices, games, performances, concerts, recitals – go to everything and cheer your kiddos on!  This shows them that you find them important, which is a pretty big deal.
  2. Relax.  My daughter (9) told me a few weeks ago that she doesn’t like when I’m stressed out.  Sometimes I forget that my kids really are paying attention to me and my actions.  It is easy to forget this since they DON’T pay attention when I’m actually speaking to them – but somehow, they are ALWAYS listening when I don’t want them to be.  Stress is contagious though and your kids will pick up on it, especially once they enter the pubescent life.  Taking a deep breath and keeping the home a peaceful, less stressed out place will allow your kids to be kids, all fun and fancy-free.
  3. Kiss boo-boos.  I totally allow myself to get sucked into all of the silly things we do as parents.  I pump up Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.  I kiss boo-boos.  I have “princess days” where my daughter and I just watch Disney princess movies all day.  I have lots of ridiculous pet names for my kids.  It seems like these days, we push our kids so early and so hard to grow up.  What’s the rush?  We all only get one childhood, so spending time playing, adventuring and dreaming has always seemed more important to me than core curriculum.  Ewww… I can’t even believe I wrote those evil words!
  4. Be supportive.  Sometimes as parents, we are too set in ways.  We envision a life for our kids – their interests, their hobbies, their career path and other personal choices.  The reality is, we’re all different and shouldn’t expect kids to follow in our footsteps or fictional plan.  By the same token, we should be super supportive of our kids and their choices… yes, this includes Minecraft, Dan TDM, Five Nights at Freddy’s and other things my daughter is obsessed with that I don’t understand.  Hey, I’m trying.  Also included, fashion choices, music preferences and political opinions.
  5. Have fun.  Above all, remember to have fun.  Sometimes, life gets too serious and I forget – I have two amazing, free spirited children that need me to be fun.  When I look back on my childhood, I mostly just remember having fun.  My parents always tell me to “make memories” and they’re exactly right.  Don’t forget to have joy, be joy and spread joy!

Being a good mom is both easy and hard.  Some days, I’m just so proud of myself for getting a shower and only drinking 3 cups of coffee.  Between school obligations, ice skating lessons, cheerleading practice and Girl Scouts, I’m always in the car taking my daughter somewhere.  Coffee and green tea fuel me and help me power through our busy schedule.  I need that shirt that says, “92% coffee, 8% dry shampoo” because it is so, painfully true.  Lord help me with little Gabriel begins sports!  I was totally dragging my butt this morning and it was after noon before I actually put day clothes on.  (Don’t mind the bracelet, I have to wear it all week for entry into the Desert Trip festival, aka “Oldchella”)

Another thing to note, I think this new “lasts all day” lipstick has permanently stained my lips hot pink.  Way to go the extra yard, Stila.  But, back to caffeine on the go.  Caffeine is life when you’re a parent, unless you’re one of those amazing people who can operate without it – but, then why are you even reading this post?

A long leisurely cup of coffee is like a long leisurely soak in the tub – a unicorn.  It doesn’t happen often for me.  Even when I AM home, I get so distracted with a thousand tasks that my coffee usually grows cold, sitting on my Keurig.  Most of my caffeine intake happens on the go – in the car, at practices, while shopping, etc.  Something that has made my life so much easier is Dixie® To Go – the official cup for crushing it – whatever “it” might be for you.

The Dixie® To Go cups are super convenient for your morning cup on the go.  Raise your hand if you have a collection of partially filled travel coffee mugs piling up in your car cup holders.  Just me?  Dixie® To Go cups are a toss-able alternative – no clean-up necessary.  With their leak-resistant lid and insulated layers, they are perfectly safe for the car or shopping cart – no worries about spills.  When you’re done – crush it and move on!

How do you crush it as a mom?

I was selected for this paid opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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