make the most out of a shared space with a {bunk bed}

Those who had to share a room with a sibling may have experienced the fun of sleeping on a bunk bed. We surely all have good memories of these times that involved pillow fights and late secret talks. There is then no reason to deprive our kids of the joys of sharing a room with a brother or a sister.

Bunk beds are great and versatile pieces of furniture that allow parents to accommodate two children in a single room without compromising on comfort and allowing two kids to bond with each other. There is now an impressive variety of bunk bed designs and styles on the market so much that the main sticking point is no longer to decide who will get the chance to sleep on the highest sleeper but what type of bunk beds we should get started with…

In order to make things a bit easier below we have listed he main bunk bed types you can choose from which will allow you to narrow down your options and choose the most appropriate solution for your kid’s bedroom.

Standard single sized bunk beds are the most popular option when it comes to furnishing a kid’s bedroom as they feature two single bunk bed mattresses sitting atop one another. This classic two-person bunk bed is particularly appropriate when two kids from close ages share a room together. No jealousy, everyone get the same mattress size.

Single over double bunk beds are a great choice when two kids are far apart in their ages as this design features a single bunk bed mattress  a on top of a larger one. This is a good way to provide each child with the space and the bed size that meets both their needs and ages.