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I’m a sucker for a sentimental gift that also serves some sort of function.  Purely romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day will always be well-received, but gifts that can be enjoyed well past the holiday will be treasured.  Looking for just such a gift, I headed to the most trusted gift resource I know of, Red Envelope.

When thinking about something special for my husband and I this year, I knew I wanted to incorporate our anniversary.  With the birth of our second child this past weekend, I am ever so aware of all we have been through together (the good and the eh).   Out of all the memorable days together, one date will always be the most significant, the day my then maybe-boyfriend asked me to date him and him alone.  We were in that beautiful state of euphoria, the one that new love with a lot of potential brings, and as we sat on the gorgeous South Beach Miami sand, I said yes (with a couple conditions).  That day changed everything for me and set my life into motion, making it a day I will always remember fondly (and give me a reason to brave Miami in the ridiculously humid summer months).

Every couple has a day like that, whether it be your first date, your wedding day or just a random day when you dedicated yourselves to a relationship.  After all the years, children and trials, we need to be reminded of how we felt on those days.  We mustn’t forget that the guy who is leaving his dirty socks around or keeps forgetting to change the oil is the same guy who gave you those excited jitters, butterflies and goofy grins.  Good way to do that?  Have something personalized with the date (or dates) you want to remember every day.  For me this was the Our Love is Written in the Stars throw pillow cover found at Red Envelope.

red envelope

I love pillows and strongly believe you can never have too many, so pillow covers are perfect for my home.  The Our Love is Written in the Stars cover comes in three sizes including the common 18×18 I chose.  It features a graphic on the front center of two constellations, yours and your significant other.  For us, it is the Cancer and Leo constellations, which are our astrological signs.  I loved this subtle detail that maybe only you and your spouse would know.  Also featured are your names, your anniversary and the beautiful phrase “our love was written in the stars”.

close-up of graphic

red envelope

While we love sentiments as much as the next couple, we are certainly a fan of modern, understated decor, which this pillow certainly is.  It does not scream “anniversary pillow” but rather flows with existing decor in muted colors and small text.  Love it.  To best incorporate the pillow into your home, you have the option of three different graphic colors: red, blue and gray — I chose gray.

I slipped this pillow cover over an extra throw pillow I had, but you also have the option to buy the down alternative insert from Red Envelope.  This is great if you are giving it as a gift (best not to be presumptuous). The case is 100% cotton, a thick and durable canvas-like material that will stand the test of time and washings.

I love this pillow cover (clearly) and recommend it as a perfect Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift, but there are so many other romantic gifts at Red Envelope.  You can find anything for anyone from mushy to understated to practical in this really awesome online store.  And here’s a little insider tip — promo codes for free shipping and cash off are available here — coupon codes for Red Envelope.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Product was provided by Red Envelope to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.

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