security tips for new homeowners

Purchasing a new home is one of the most intense moments in anyone’s life.  The simultaneous feelings of excitement and responsibility will certainly take you on an emotional rollercoaster. From the start of house hunting until that moment you are handed the key, your mind is no doubt flooded with all kinds of thoughts: decorating ideas, renovation dreams, mortgage payments, but maybe not home security.  There couldn’t be anything more important than feeling (and BEING) safe in your new home though – so do you? I’ve partnered up with Iris by Lowes to bring you these security tips for new homeowners.

When we moved into our “first” home over 2 years ago, I was mostly overwhelmed.  I was relieved to get out of the house rental money dump, but had no idea what to do with my new home.  I wish it all came with a manual!  Thank God for YouTube, Google, my parents and common sense.

This year was really just the beginning of our settling in.  We’ve painted the entire interior, re-landscaped most of the yard, taken on small-medium DIY projects and updated things as we’ve gone along.  My mind is suddenly flooded with DIY ideas and remodeling possibilities.  Our house is just beginning to become our home.

I’m pretty embarrassed to say, updating the security system was an immediate goal that I didn’t see through until now.  I got the existing system up and running, updated the locks and such, but I never felt super safe and knew I needed to start shopping for a more… 2017 home security solution like Iris, a DIY smart home + security system by Lowe’s.

Now I know, all is safe where I hang my key.

security tips for new homeowners

meet your neighbors

It’s a good idea to make an effort to meet all of your nearby neighbors, and soon.  I wish I had been more proactive about this right from the start.  Get off on the right foot by introducing yourself to your neighbors before they’ve had the chance to hear your toddler throw a tantrum in the driveway, see you straggle out to the mailbox in the A.M. with a collapsed top knot and 2nd day mascara or meet your embarrassing in-laws (jk).  Ask them for intel on the neighborhood and exchange numbers (important!!) so they can keep you in the loop when they spot someone strange.  You’re also going to need your neighbors to watch your house while you’re out of town.

join online neighborhood communities

Joining Nextdoor, or another social network for neighborhoods, is a really great idea.  Here you can connect with neighbors beyond your street, hear updates on anything sketchy and learn of other events like yard sales and neighborhood meetings.  If you see anything suspicious on your street, here’s where you can alert the neighborhood.  It is super helpful.

change your locks

You don’t know who the prior homeowner gave keys out to, so changing the locks on day one (or before you even move in) is a smart idea.  This also goes for garage codes – reconfigure them – and any other locks on the grounds like side gates, sheds, etc.

perform a security check

Your home inspection should have covered many of your homes safety features, but you should double-check once moved in.  Key places to inspect: points of entry.  Check to make sure all of your window and interior door locks are in working order.  Also, check to see if all outdoor security lights are coming on at their scheduled times (or are being triggered by motion).  Don’t have any exterior lights?  Now’s the time to install a few because a dark yard is inviting for intruders.

upgrade your security system

I wasn’t a fan of the outdated security system that came with our new home.  I mean, it didn’t even connect with a smart phone.  I knew for a fact I wanted to DIY my home security, tailor it to exactly what I needed and monitor it wirelessly with my smart phone.  Being able to check in on my home while we are traveling is key, and I also want to control it while on the road.  AND, you know what else?  I want it all to be affordable and I don’t want to be bound by a contract.

Iris by Lowe’s is an incredible DIY smart home and home security system that connects an entire range of Iris-compatible smart devices in your home through a single app.  Within the Iris by Lowe’s line, you’ll find everything you need to keep your home secure like: motion sensors, smart plugs, indoor/outdoor cameras, video cameras, door/window contact sensors, thermostats, garage controller and more, but it doesn’t stop there.  It can also connect with existing devices in your home like Google Home and Amazon Echo, as well as other security devices like electronic locks, lightbulbs, heaters, leak detectors, intercoms, smoke detectors, basically everything… check out the entire list of compatible devices.

With Iris by Lowe’s you get all of the benefits of traditional security monitoring, but without the contract and high monthly fee/initial installation charges.  You buy the equipment your home needs and install it yourself.  By the way, installation is super easy and I didn’t even ask my husband to help.  That’s because Iris by Lowe’s products are wireless.

Learn more about Iris by Lowe’s on their website and sign up for the professional monitoring service plan for $14.95 per month.  That’s an incredible value, especially since we are talking about your family’s safety and peace of mind.  Iris by Lowe’s wants to save you even more, so I have a coupon code to share:

Use code MYIRISSECURITY at checkout to receive 10% off Iris starter packs and smart hubs.

Offer valid 5/30 – 6/29

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Iris by Lowe’s.

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