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saving my daughter’s curly mop {Curly Q}

Curls are high maintenance hair.  It’s just that simple.   When people meet my daughter, their first response is typically, “oh I love her curly hair”.  Her hair as been a mess of ringlets since she was around 2 (yes it was straight when she was a baby).  While they are quite beautiful, they need a little help to stay that way.  Fresh out of the bath, they are tight and bouncy, but after hours of play they seem to lose a little of their zeal.  Once she sleeps on them, the jig is up and they turn into a knotted bird’s nest.  This means that every day she needs her hair “reconstituted”, typically involving a bath.  Washing it every day can dry it out, which is why moisturizing if so key for her.  Tired of using my own hair products on her, I went on a hunt for curl-specific products formulated for kids.  Luckily, I found a winner.

Curls has an amazing line of curly hair products just for kids called Curly Q.  The line consists of a cleansing cream, conditioner, curl lotion, moisturizer/detangler leave in, and more.  Step 1-wash.  The first thing you will notice about the Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream is the yummy aroma.  It smells more like something in a bakery than shampoo.  The next thing you will notice is the creamy texture.  This sulfate free cleanser washes away the day’s grime without stripping the hair of moisture.  In fact, it hydrates the curls.   It is infused with carrot seed oil, horse chestnut, sage leaf and arnica montana flower extract.  All other ingredients are explained on the Curls website, giving you peace of mind.  Please note that this is not tear-free baby shampoo and should be used with care.  Step 2-condition.  Again your nose is overcome with a sweet aroma with the Coconut Dream Conditioner.   As soon as I started massaging in the conditioner, my daughter was yelling for cookies, and I could smell why.  Instantly, I could feel her hair detangling.  It is so rich and creamy, the hair just feels like silk.   Upon looking at the ingredient list, I was drawn to the alcohols.  The ones in this product are naturally derived from the fatty acids of the coconut oil, and actually promote retention of moisture.   The conditioner also contains organic white tea extract which soothes and moisturizes a dry scalp.  Panthenol is added to boost strength and body as it fill in cracks in the hair shaft.  It also contains a sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays.   Step 3-leave in condition.  A leave-in conditioner is key for curly girls, giving that extra bit of moisture dry hair needs.  Since my daughter is only 4, I really want her hair to look natural, no sticky, greasy, or hard curls.  The Curly Q Milkshake is the ideal leave-in for my daughter’s hair.  It does more than moisturize.  It softens the hair, leaving behind tangle-free bouncy locks.  It utilizes natural ingredients like beeswax milk (caught between the honey and beeswax), aloe leaf juice, and coconut milk.  Chamomile extract is used to strengthen the hair which adds sheen.  Milkshake can be used on dry hair as well to refresh curls (great for bedhead).   Step 4-protection.  To finish off my daughter’s curly mop, I used Moist Curls, which is yet another moisturizer.  As you can guess, her hair is very soft and shiny at this point.  This moisturizer is a liquid spray that finishes off the look for me.  It adds an extra layer of moisture, detangles,  and also protects the hair with a sunscreen.  You can use this product on wet or dry hair but I prefer to use it on dry.  It is the perfect product to reuse during the day to revive stressed out spirals–great for keeping the frizzies at bay!

Check out Curls for more products if you’re looking for hold.  Purchase your own Curly Q products for your curly kid (ages 2-12).  If your child is still a baby, try Curls’ line It’s a Curl.  It too is formulated with only the best in certified organic extracts, botanicals and natural oils proven to calm, soothe and promote healthy hair and skin

Curl Q review in the know mom

Special thanks to Curls for providing samples for review purposes.

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