Santa Goes Green {24 Days of Christmas Books}

Santa Goes GreenSanta Goes Green by Anne Margaret Lewis is a refreshing Christmas book for the eco-concious families.  Take the opportunity of the charitable season to talk about gifts beyond the Christmas Tree.  Maybe this green read will inspire your children to ask for something charitable this year, like a donation to an environmental group or cause.  So let’s get to the story.

We start out with a little boy, Finn, writing his letter to Santa, but this year he does not want any specific toys.  After learning about the situation in the Arctic and the frightening predicament polar bears are in, Finn has adopted a polar bear named Leopold.  The glaciers are melting which limits the amount of sea ice polar bears have to hunt on.  It’s certainly a major problem.  This 7 year old boy knows that Santa is a person with great power and position.  Surely Santa can help, especially if Finn gives up his toys this year.

Feeling quite touched by Finn, Santa makes a special trip with his elf, Swift.  The three are off to see what can be done for Leopold.  They encounter other animals in the habitat, a walrus, beluga whales, and then, a majestic white polar bear.  It is Leopold.  The whole experience inspires Santa to rethink the Christmas presents this year.  This year, they will reuse wrapping paper from last Christmas.  This year, they will harness the mighty wind of the North Pole to power the toy shops.  It is a great message.

While I do not expect my kids to ever pass on their Christmas gifts, it is certainly a great idea to include a little thinking this season beyond ourselves.  There are so many wonderful charitable organizations around that would make for great gifts of donation.  Educate your children on the environmental issues we are facing and let them know they can help!  It is a powerful thing to teach our kids young that they truly can make a difference. And that is why I am telling you to purchase Santa Goes Green and add it to your 24 Days of Christmas Books!

A copy was provided by Charlesbridge Publishing to facilitate this review.

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