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Sand Castle Play Table {Step2}

I am partnering with Step2 for the following review. I received a product in exchange for my review and honest opinion. No other compensation was provided.

Living in Arizona, we spend A LOT of time outside. By a lot, I mean, every single day. Even during winter, it’s still pretty beautiful in the middle of the afternoon. During the summers, we spend most of our time outside in the morning and evening and leave the afternoons to swimming. My older daughter has been asking for a sand box for quite some time. I just haven’t been a fan of sand boxes on the ground because out here, we also get lovely critters like scorpions. That being said, I was a really big fan of Step2’s Sand Castle Play Table because it’s the best of both worlds.

Sand Castle Play Table

The construction was extremely easy. In fact, my hubby did it in about ten minutes or less. From then, the kids could barely contain their excitement for me to get some sand in it. We bought a 50 lb bag of play sand from Home Depot. The Sand Castle Play Table holds 30 lbs of sand. This is a good thing because I’m sure your kids will get a bit of sand on the ground as they are playing with it. Mine definitely do! This will give you 20 extra pounds of sand to refill your table with.

In the center of the table you’ll see a hole, this is for any of the Step2 umbrellas to fit into. It slides into the hole and is the perfect height to keep your little ones shaded while they play. Add some water to the sand let them get creative with building some fabulous castles! If you end up with too much water, there is a drain hole at the bottom of the table that you can unplug and drain the water out.

Sand Castle Play Table

Once your kids are done playing with the Sand Castle Play Table, simply place the cover on the table and it’s completely protected from the elements. It can lift off a little if wind is extra strong, so you might want to put a brick or heavy stone on it to keep it in place.

Head over to Step2 to see more about the Sand Castle Play Table as well as all of their other great toys. We are huge Step2 fans in our yard. All of our play toys are Step2 and they truly stand the test of time, sun and heat! Not many toys can do that out here in the desert.


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