Rose and Sage Smudge Stick: Mother’s Day Gifts

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My mom has never been easy to shop for and I’m sure a lot of you can relate.  While she has never been a materialistic or frivolous person, she of course appreciates a note of love.  She is one of those ideal grandmothers that sends cards stuffed with gift cards and cash-ola for the kids, year-round.  Not just birthdays and major holidays, no this grandma sends cards for the lesser-celebrated holidays too.  If anyone deserves a great card this Mother’s Day, it’s her and so I headed straight for the premium, handcrafted Hallmark Signature Mother’s Day Cards at Walmart.

The Hallmark Signature cards are always the best in my eyes because they have the greatest details.  These two that I chose for my mom and my mother-in-law feature very cool 3D effects in pretty, pastel colors.  They are gorgeous, aren’t they?

For those loved ones in my life that are hard to shop for, I usually think of pretty things or things that smell pretty.  Candles, diffusers, essential oils, flowers… these are easy go-to gifts for moms ad friends.  Another favorite gift of mine to give is a floral and sage smudge stick.

Smudge sticks have been used since native times to cleanse homes of negative energy.  They are essentially a bundle of herbs, usually sage and/or cedar, but I’ve also included rosemary and pine before.  Adding dried, fragrant flowers simply adds to the look and also the fragrance the smoke leaves behind.  Roses and lavender are my favorite additions, but you can use any dried flowers you like the scent of.  These lavender roses caught my eye today, so they are what I used.

Pressing and drying flowers is a bit of a hobby for me, one I’ve had since I was a kid.  My Great Aunt Katherine gave me the coolest flower press book once… I wonder where that is now… and you could always find dried, pressed flowers stuck between pages in my books.  That’s why this gift makes sense for my mom. = )

Drying flowers is typically a process that takes a few weeks.  Since I leave everything to the last minute, I didn’t have a few weeks to make my smudge sticks, so I use the microwave.  Yes, you can dry flowers in the microwave in about 5 minutes.  All you need is kitty litter.

how to dry flowers in the microwave

you need:

  • fresh flowers
  • 4 cups kitty litter
  • microwave safe dish
  1. In a microwave safe  dish, lay ONE flower.  Cover in about 4 cups of kitty litter – just make sure the flower is covered.  Turn on microwave for 4-5 minutes.  Allow the litter to cool and then remove the flower carefully.  Gently blow off any kitty litter left or use a paintbrush.

That’s all, folks.  From fresh to dried in about 5 minutes.

From there, just trim the stems of the roses off and tie onto your sage bundle.  You smudge stick is now ready to give and ready to light.  Your recipient can either light the smudge stick and waft it around their house, into each room, or just set it out on a shelf or bookcase.  They are really quite pretty and smell great!

No matter what you buy or make, every Mother’s Day gift needs a beautiful card to accompany it.  The digital age has made it simple to send a card within seconds, but they will never replace the joy of a paper card received in the mail.  A handwritten note on a beautifully crafted card?  There isn’t much better.  Find unique and quite fancy NEW Hallmark Signature cards at Walmart in the card aisles.  For more digital coupons and Mother’s Day gift ideas, head over to Hallmark!  Check this store locator to see if your local Walmart carries Hallmark Signature cards.

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