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whimsical fabric decals from mae {dress up dolls}

Wall decals are a touchy subject in my house.  My lovely daughter has been through quite a few sets of vinyl wall decals.  Sure, those decal sets look adorable online, but once they hit my daughter’s wall the timer starts ticking.  It all started with a set of adorable fawns in love.  I set them up on her wall, frolicking to and fro, spurting hearts of amore across her walls.  It was adorable.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself as I leave my daughter’s room and go on about my day.  Later that day, I returned to her room to see the decals I had lovingly placed earlier crumpled into balls.  Here’s the thing: she told me she loved them, yet she ripped them down.  It was a confusing moment for me.  I tried to uncrumple said decals, having luck with some, not so much with others.  Many were ripped already, or ripped as I tried to peel the adhesive side from another adhesive side.  The ones that I salvaged never looked the same.  The fawn couple now resides on a closet wall, out of her reach.

Thinking it was a fluke, I later grew a forest of flowers and ferns in her bathroom.  This time, I consulted with my daughter about placement, making sure she was completely part of the decal-applying process.  This would surely work.  Nope.  Over time, I noticed ferns losing their leaves, flowers losing their petals, and ladybugs disappearing altogether.  Frustrated, I ripped them all down and threw them in the trash.  I chalked it up to her young age and decided to not do the decal thing until she was older.  Then one day, a big Disney Princess decal arrived at our house.  My daughter squealed with glee at the sight of the gift from grandma.  Despite my better judgment, I placed the decal on the wall, above her bed, slightly in her reach.  They stayed there for quite awhile.  I was certain she had outgrown her need to destroy the vinyl decals.  The princesses had saved the day.  That was until… the massacre.  She had done it again, this time completely decapitating Cinderella.  It was a bloodbath.  I was so done.

Then I saw the light.  She didn’t want to destroy the decals, she wanted to play with them, and who could blame her?  I started to search online for an alternative to the unforgiving vinyl decals and found fabric decals!  What a joyous moment.  Unlike the vinyl sort, these fabric decals can not be destroyed.  They can be taken down by the violent hands of a toddler unphased.  Crumple with all your might, but these will bounce back and never tear.

So I’m perusing my options when I find mae.  I’m partial to the company already since my daughter’s middle name is Mae.  Then I saw all the beautiful designs and fell in love.  The re-usable fabric wall decals inspire creativity as you really decide on the scenario.  Take, for instance, the two collections featured above: tea time and makin’ monsters.  You create the scene and the characters, which can be changed countless times.  Finally, wall decals that want to be played with.  I then saw the dress up dolls, oh my.  My daughter is fully into the doll stage (AG, Barbie) and loves to dress and re-dress, create worlds of make believe, the whole deal.  Clearly she would love to have a doll on her wall to dress up.  We separated the decals, putting the clothes and accessories on a line and the hairstyles in the “barber shop”.  The clothes are super cute (some resembling pieces I own) and are fun to mix and match.  My daughter has decision remorse and constantly changes the hair, clothes, the whole outfit.  It’s so cute to sit back and watch her creations as she narrates her decisions out loud.  Kids are funny.  Overall I am extremely impressed with the quality of the decal, the ease of play, and the modern designs.

Purchase your own Dress Up Dolls or any of the other collections from mae.  Mae is based in Australia but has no problem shipping worldwide, including the US.   Exclusive to ITKM readers: take 10% off your order by entering ITKMOM at checkout.

Special thanks to mae for providing a sample for review purposes.

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