{etsy find} repurposed journals by Re:Paper

As a writer, I love journals of all sorts.  I need places to jot down my thoughts all over the house, within arms reach, and at a moment’s notice.  Sometimes one can get very sick of looking at the same old leather-bound journals.  They get the job done, but can be so plain, especially when stacked together.  So when I came across Re:Paper, I was rejuvenated.  With re-purposing becoming a large part of my at home DIY projects, I really appreciated what these garbage-doomed scraps had become.  Recycling is great, and I’m always the one in the neighborhood stuffing our bins the most full.  What is even better than recycling though, is using some of that waste for other uses, bringing old things back in a new light, giving things a new life.  Re:Raper takes different mediums (beer boxes, scrabble boards, what have you) and binds them with paper to make new journals.  They are fantastically done with artisan expertise and make lovely gifts for yourself or others.

Purchase you own at Re:Paper etsy shop.

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