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Eco-Friendly Beach Toy SetIn an effort to remain green, even in the face of mountains of plastic baby toys and gear lining the shelves of most baby stores, I bought all wooden toys for my baby girl.  As a first-time parent, I didn’t realize why plastic toys were so popular, for reasons other than their price tag. Once my girl was born and ready to play, I soon realized a couple advantages to plastic. First, plastic toys aren’t as dangerous as wooden toys for an infant (wacking herself with a wooden rattle definitely left a mark!). Second, plastic toys are much lighter to transport.  Definitely a plus for city moms who need to tote toys around with them, or those that travel often.  So what is an eco-conscious mom to do?  Look for green plastic toys!  Green Toys is just that – an eco-friendly line of plastic toys made 100% from recycled milk jugs.  These plastic toys do not contain any BPA, phthalates or PVCs and are made in the USA (local production = less green house gasses from transportation).

I love Green Toys’ Sand Play Set, pictured right, which we used during our recent beach vaca.  It has all the essentials for sand castle building.  The bucket, shovel, rake and castle mold are really thick and sturdy – it would be very difficult to crack or break these pieces, so you can pack them in your checked bag without worry.  The castle mold provided hours of entertainment and even made its way into bath time (it doubles nicely as a rinsing cup).  Many beach sets only come with a shovel, but I really like having a rake in the mix (kiddies can’t use a rake to dump a pile of sand on your Sand Castle Building Settowel, or on you!).  The rope handle on the bucket is also a nautical and practical detail: Nicer to grip rope than a plastic handle that cuts into your hand. Using rope also saves a bit of plastic, and every little bit helps.

 Green Toys has some great essentials too, like their stackers and blocks.  It’s great to have an eco-friendly option for these doctor-recommended developmental toys.  Green Toys’ Stacker is both durable and cheerful.  The recycled plastic used to make the Stackers is thick and sturdy.  The Stacker set comes with 8 whimsically colored nesting pieces that stack easily from large to small, but can also be stacked in an alternate order so little ones can use their imagination in creating a design.  Our pediatrician recommended a stacker-type toy to help with hand-eye coordination and color recognition, so this toy is a must.  I also love that there’s no center post, making this stacker safer than some of the other models.

Stacker - Green Toys IncYou can tell Green Toys is committed to making truly eco-friendly toys – from locally producing and designing each product, to their recycled cardboard packaging (printed with soy ink) – there’s no eco-conscious detail that Green Toys hasn’t thought of.  Love that Green Toys makes plastic products I can feel good about!

Visit Green Toys’ website, Green Toys, or visit Green Toys on Facebook for cool info (such as how many plastic jugs they have recycled to date – 7,726,052).

Special thanks to Green Toys for providing samples for review.

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