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kitchen gadgets kicked up a notch…or three {Chef’n} + giveaway

While reading my beloved Self magazine one day, I came across the delicious Curtis Stone recommending his favorite kitchen gadgets. My eyes were immediately drawn to the cherry VeggiSteam from Chef’n. I hopped on my computer and looked up their website. Their mission is to make better tools so you can make better food. Just look at their site, their products are sleek, modern, brilliant and all made out of the latest materials. They introduce themselves by stating:

There’s something you should know about us. We can’t stand the status quo—especially when the status quo stinks.”

Chef’n’s eye catching designs and kitchen-changing concepts will have you wanting to put all of their items on your wish list. They’re the secret behind every amazing hostess you’ve ever met. Their products are how their cherries are pitted without a single imperfection, same with the strawberries being hulled. They have banana and strawberry slicers so that every single slice is the exact same, perfect size. Their items are a chef’s dream. Just ask Curtis.

We eat a lot of vegetables in our house. In fact, steamed broccoli is probably on the menu 2 – 3 times a week, no joke. But every time I make it, I pull out my HUGE steamer system. This consists of a large stainless steel pot with the steel steamer that fits into the top of that, and then the lid. It is quite a contraption, but I’ve adored it for years. Nonetheless, my husband has created a rule that when I use that pan, that he refuses to wash it. By chance he did, it was such a super crappy job that I insisted that he no longer clean it either. Brilliant plan on his part. Anyways, it’s rather annoying to have so many large dishes for such a small side dish for our family. That’s why I was completely intrigued with the VeggiSteam.

The VeggiSteam is made from a heat and stain resistant silicone. This steamer is heat resistant up to 400 degrees! Since it’s silicone, it’s safe to even use it in the microwave. So all those college students who only have a microwave to heat food up, they can still make fresh vegetables. Here’s what I love about the VeggiSteam. It’s flexible, so it fits into any size sauce pan that you have. Just in case, they do make two different sizes for either a single person serving or your family size. Back to my thought, you fill a sauce pan with a little bit of water, smoosh down the Veggisteam, hit the fire under the pot to heat it while you clean and chop the veggies. Once ready, place the food onto the steamer and that is it! The beautiful thing about this is that when you’re done, you can place the steamer on the top rack of your dishwasher, so you don’t ever have to wash it by hand. This has made our regular veggie cooking such a breeze. It’s no longer a frustration point with who is going to do the dishes. That huge old dinosaur steamer could never fit into the dishwasher, but now it’s going to fit nicely out in the storage cabinet in the garage.

Another favorite in our house is sliced cheese, crackers and wine. In fact, I look forward to all of my sister-in-law’s trips out here to visit because first thing we do is head to the store to pick out a huge selection of cheese and wine. We sit around the table, talking and laughing, while eating our cheese and drinking our wine. This is a very big ritual in my husband’s family and I adore it. Problem is that I’m absolutely awful at slicing cheese. None are the same size. Either they are extremely thick or they are so thin that I didn’t even cut it straight. That means thick on one side and translucent on the other. I used to get pretty frustrated and had to hand the knife over to my husband to finish it up. Chef’n makes a Slicester exactly for fools like me! This is seriously one of the coolest little gadgets I’ve seen in some time. Most cheese slicers have a rolling part as you move down the cheese that’s across from the blade. While Chef’n’s Slicester has those two same features, it has a few others that make it stand out far from the crowd. On the side of the slicer you’ll notice an orange knob, this actually adjusts the thickness of the cheese. You can choose from three thicknesses with a simple slight turn of the dial. Next is one of the coolest parts I noticed. I’m used to when you near the bottom of the cut, that’s when things go bad. You have to press hard and it breaks off the end of the cheese. Well the Slicester is spring loaded at the bottom! All you do is press down on the handle and with barely any effort, it slices the cheese all the way to the board. It’s awesome! What a wonderful hostess gift or to welcome a new neighbor to the neighborhood. The Slicester along with a variety of cheeses, crackers and a meat. You’ll be leaving them with one heck of an impression.

Head over to Chef’n to check out these items and all the others that they have to offer. Wonderful gifts for those hard to buy for loved ones in your life. Like Chef’n on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to stay In The Know about all of their latest products.


One lucky reader will win a cherry colored VeggiSteamer!

To enter, simply head over to Chef’n and check out their products. Come back here to leave a comment with your favorite item other than the steamer.

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Special thanks to Chef’n for providing a sample for review purposes.

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