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aura botanical waters {Bolthouse Farms}

I’ve been making my own herb-infused water for some time now.  I started out making your basic mint water, cucumber water and a basil lemon water.  They are staple pitchers in my refrigerator.  I love how little you need to do to water to make it super special.  My latest version is a lavender water, that sometimes gets turned into lavender lemonade (unbelievably good).

Obviously when Bolthouse Farms let me know that they were marketing a line of botanical waters, I was thrilled.  The combinations are all delicious and are spawning new ideas for my water pitchers at home. :)  Aura comes in three flavors currently, cucumber lemon rosemary, orange basil, and grapefruit sage.  If forced to pick a favorite, grapefruit sage would be it.  These low-cal enhanced waters are gluten free and contain no preservatives or artificial flavors/colors.  Each serving of Aura contains 45 calories but packs a robust assortment of essential vitamins, including 50% of the recommended daily value of vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12, as well as 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C, according to Bolthouse Farms.  Next time your child asks for juice, hand them Aura, which contains an entire serving of fruit.

I am by no means an advocate for purchasing bulk individual-sized plastic containers, but sometimes you’re out and you’ve finished or forgotten your water bottle.  For a more tasty way to hydrate on the go, grab an Aura for an instant boost of natural energy.  And remember: recycle every empty Aura as they are 100% recyclable.   Available across the U.S. this spring/summer where items like these can be purchased.

Special thanks to Blothouse Farms for supplying samples for review purposes.

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