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Pregnancy Plus Prenatal & Omega-3 {healthy pregnancy}

pregnancy plus prenatalWhether you are trying to conceive, already pregnant, or nursing your new babe, there isn’t anything more important that a good prenatal vitamin.  It is so crucial to keep your body hydrated and nutrient rich, not only for your baby’s health but also your own.  Once a woman becomes pregnant, the internal priority shifts from mom to baby–and that baby will take everything it can even at the risk of the mom.  If there is no steady stream of vitamins and minerals coming in, stored nutrition will be depleted, weakening everything from bones to hair.

Often women simply get their prescription filled for prenatals without knowing the options available.   Pregnancy Plus Prenatal provides the full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy mom and baby.  These all natural tablets are surprisingly easy to swallow.  I’m sure we are all familiar with the horse pills that  prenatals can become.  Add in constant nausea and swallowing the horrible tasting horse pill can become tricky, even impossible.  The vitamin cannot help you if you cannot get it down (that’s a fact).  The Pregnancy Plus Prenatal was formulated by Amos Grunebaum, MD, one of the world’s leading authorities on fertility and pregnancy.  Currently, he is the Chief of Labor and Delivery at the #1 University Medical Center in New York.  See his list of impressive credentials.

This prenatal is based on Grunebaum’s “Just Right” formula which includes 600 mcg of folic acid, shown to decrease the risk of birth defects like spina bifida or other neural tube defects.  Since folic acid is water-soluble, it does not linger in the body so the perfect (and regular) dosage is key.  Iron is an important mineral as it helps blood cells carry oxygen to you and your baby.  Many women start of iron deficient, so make sure you are getting enough especially during pregnancy.  Pregnancy Plus contains the Just Right amount for both you and your baby.  Something else to watch for (and what Pregnancy Plus has perfected) is your Vitamin A intake.  Vitamin A derived from retinol palmate can be damaging, which is why Pregnancy Plus uses only 100% beta-carotene Vitamin A, essential for a whole host of functions.

pregnancy plus omega 3We’re more aware than ever that Omega 3’s are not only good for us, but crucial in development and maintenance of the human body.  Pregnancy Plus Omega-3 provides the Omega-3 fatty acids needed for your baby’s healthy fetal development, as well as increase your pregnancy wellness.  Omega-3’s have been shown to support:

  • The development of your baby’s brain and eyes
  • The development of your baby’s heart and cardiac/respiratory system
  • Increased infant cognitive function, intellectual capacity and attention span
  • Decreased odds of premature delivery
  • Enhance visual learning and memory ability in infants and young children
  • Increased pregnancy health for mothers and mothers-to-be

Pregnancy Plus Omega-3 contains both EPA and DHA, the most important Omega-3 fatty acids.  With this formula you get 1600 mg of Omega-3 dervied from small fish oil, including herring, mackerel, sardines, and anchovies, caught in the cold waters of Iceland using sustainable fishing practices.  After collected, the EPA and DHA rich oil is processed to remove pesticides and heavy metals — meeting or exceeding official regulations, making it perfect for pregnant or nursing mothers.  Give your baby a head start and take the Pregnancy Plus Omega-3 with no artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives, and containing no sugar, starch, sodium, yeast, corn or milk products.

Purchase your supply separately or in the Pregnancy Plus Value Pack in 2 month, 4 month or 6 month supplies now at Fairhaven Health.

Products were provided by Fairhaven Health to facilitate this review.

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