a tower fan with maximum power {Lasko 4443}

Summer is bringing incredible heat which can run the range from uncomfortable to down right dangerous.  My family and I live in one of the top hottest places in the US, so we are always looking to cool down in any way possible.  Fans are a great way to beat the heat and lower the central air bill, but I needed some serious power for my home.  I found it in the Lasko 40″ Hybrid Tower Fan, sent for review.

The Lasko 4443 40″ Hybrid Tower Fan is 30% more powerful than the standard tower fan.  This is an absolutely true statement — I felt the comparison for myself.  This fan really cools down a whole room as it oscillates with three powerful speeds.  We tend to keep the fan on the most powerful (level 3) as it is really just so hot here, but at night, when the temperature drops, I often turn it down to level 2 to avoid being too cold.  Yes, it is powerful enough to cast a chill!  This tower fan is so impressive, especially for home use.  The power of it reminds me of a big industrial fan, but without the expense and unattractive, clunky appearance.

Lasko 40

Speaking of clunky, the Lasko 4443 is so super sleek.  The tower style fits well into the home because it does not take up much horizontal space.  The streamline look works in modern homes, which was definitely important to me.  When searching for the right fan, I knew the winner would be aesthetically pleasing or else I wouldn’t be able to leave it out all the time, especially when guests are around.  I didn’t want something I’d have to hide.  No reason to hide this beauty!

Lasko 40

Bonus features on the Lasko 4443 are worth noting.  The fan comes with a simple remote so you can control from the couch.  With the control you can raise/lower the speed, turn on/off the oscillation, turn on/off the fan and also turn off or on the night light.  The night light is my favorite bonus feature as it offers an extra light for late night excursions (bathroom, baby feedings and changings).  When you are not using the remote, it hangs on the back of the fan.

lasko 40

For as tall as this fan is, you would think it would be heavy, but it is not.  I can easy carry it around with one hand by the back handle.  This makes this an easy choice for homes looking for portable tower fans with sleek design and maximum power.  I have read from other online customer reviews that this particular model is also extremely durable and dependable, lasting for many years.  I look forward to a long, breezy relationship with mine!  Oh, I should also mention that the fan is quite quiet even on the strongest level.  If anything, it offers a nice, soft white noise.

Purchase the Lasko 4443 40″ Hybrid Tower Fan at popular retailers like Amazon.  Currently retailing for $60 on Amazon.  Keep in the know by liking Lasko on Facebook.

Product was provided by Lasko to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.  Post may contain affiliate links.

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