taking the ouch out of the pouch {PouchPop}

pouchpop baby food pouch topper

We all love that baby food comes in convenient, easy to use on the go pouches.  Totally great idea, but the attached straws are a bit unforgiving, no?  The hard plastic is far from the soothing silicone nipples of a bottle.  Looking to bridge the bottle and baby food pouches, a dad of three designed a rather ingenious silicone topper, the PouchPop, to provide a more enjoyable baby food experience.

putting the PouchPop to work

pouchpop review

PouchPop even fits on The Little Green Pouch!

pouchpop little green pouch

As PouchPop explains, there are a few “ouch points” on the typical pouch.  The whole construction is plastic: the hard, threaded straw, the foil edges…not very baby-friendly. What would you rather your baby’s mouth and face be pressed up against?

without, with

pouchpop review

The PouchPop tailors the pouch to be a custom, enjoyable and safe fit for your baby.  Made of hospital-grade silicone, the PouchPop slides easily over the standard pouch spout. There is a bit of familiarity already there, as it imitates a bottle nipple in texture and overall shape a bit.  This means an easy transition for baby and they will be eating independently in no time.

pouchpop baby food pouch topper

Another perk of the PouchPop is it creates less mess.  Since the topper is longer than the pouch’s, your baby can control the flow better.  Toddlers especially have a tendency to squeeze too much on the pouch and that means food is spraying out — but not likely with the PouchPop in place.  Major perk.  I also believe the topper will make it easier for babes to be eating independently earlier, giving us parents a break!

pouchpop baby food pouch review

Pediatrician recommended, the PouchPop is, of course, BPA and Phthalate Free.  They are dishwasher safe, which is awesome for easy sanitation and made in the good ol’ USA.  Love it. The PouchPop Topper comes in four pretty colors, in an assorted pack, for $9.99.  That’s a bargain. I recommend you buy at least two packs since a couple will get lost and you’ll want extras for every diaper bag! Keep in the know by liking PouchPop on Facebook and following on Twitter.

pouchpop baby food pouch

Product was provided by PouchPop to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.

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