potty training on vacation {how to}

When I felt like it was time to buckle down and potty train my toddler, I chose a week where he never needed to leave the house.  It was a week full of frustrations, wins and lots of Chlorox.  Once we got past potty training boot camp, the struggle wasn’t over.  Those first few trips out of the house sans diaper can be pretty intimidating, and then your first all day event or camping trip comes… and then, your first multiple day vacation.  What you need to survive below + a chance to win a $500 Gift Card to Sam’s Club®!

So we just got back from Disneyland/California Adventure last night.  Hello, my name is exhausted.  This visit, we decided to stay at a hotel that featured a little water park, which was the best decision ever. On our arrival day and departure day, the kids went absolutely wild, thrashing through the water and soaking up that warm Anaheim sun.  I wasn’t so worried about Gabriel’s freshly potty trained self at this point, so close to a bathroom at all times…

When it came time to hit the theme parks, my anxiety level rose a bit.  I don’t know about you. but I can never find a bathroom at a theme park, no matter how many there are, no matter how many times I’ve visited.  We had a backup plan though, so not matter what the situation, whether hugging a penguin from Mary Poppins for a very long time…

or waiting in yet another hour+ long line…

Gabe was covered and we all had a great time.

Finally something we can all do #itsasmallworld #disneyland #fam #familylife #familyselfie #tonguesout

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So what did we bring as our back-up plan?

extra pants and socks

Accidents happen, so be prepared with an extra pair of pants.  Don’t forget to bring extra socks as well.  I don’t think I need to paint the picture for you, but things roll downhill, meaning socks could also be casualties in the accident.


Whether you prefer wipes or gel, bring something antibacterial in case of an accident.  Of course, you’re going to want these anyway when your kids are out in public, using public bathrooms.

wet bag

It is good to bring a wet bag along on any vacation, whether it be at a theme park or a camping trip.  Wet or soiled clothing needs a place to live once in your backpack, apart from everything else.

Pull-Ups® Training Pants

With new leg fit for all-around protection, Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® Training Pants help teach toddlers potty training and offer reliable protection where they need it most. Sides are stretchy for easy up and down like underwear to help kids learn how to put them on and take them off, plus the easy-open sides mean quick and easy changes when you need it.  They have zoned protection for where girls vs boys need it most for max absorbency, and wetness indicators that fade when wet to help your child learn to stay dry.

Cottonelle® FreshCare® Flushable Cleansing Cloths

These flushable wipes break up upon flushing and are sewer and septic-safe.  They are alcohol-free to ensure they’re gentle enough for your little one’s skin. These are great for public bathrooms or back at the hotel or car in your…

a really good travel potty

While on the go, you still want to encourage your children to use the potty when they need to.  Even though they have a backup option like Pull-Ups®, you really want them to keep on training.  Find a potty that is small, comfortable and easy to dump/clean.  We keep a Joovy Loo in our car whenever we head out for longer trips and it comes on vacation with us as well.

I don’t travel with a stool, so instead of helping my son onto the hotel room toilet, he can just use the same potty he uses at home.  This keeps a stable routine going, even while we are on the go.  The potty is even more crucial when you are off on a day hike or camping.  After a long day hiking, Gabe can get back to the car and do his business, which he’s been holding through the day (aka training).

Don’t forget to also bring some awesome reading material.  Gabriel likes to take his time on the potty… typical guy… so if I don’t have books handy, he’ll want my phone (ew, no).  A great series for your traveling tot – Larry Loves books!
I found Gabriel’s Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® featuring Disney designs (how appropriate!) and Cottonelle® FreshCare® Cleansing Wipes at my local Sam’s Club®.  Find the Pull-Ups® in the diaper and wipes area and the Cottonelle® over in the personal hygiene area by the pharmacy.
Gabriel was thrilled to see Lightning McQueen as we had just visited Cars Land a couple of days prior.  While we were sitting, taking 5 and eating lunch at Flo’s V8 Café, Lightning McQueen drove right by and Gabriel about died, right then and there.  What a view you can get from that café patio!


Lunch view 👌🏻 at Flo’s V8 Cafe. #carsland #disneyland #californiaadventure #momlife #summer A photo posted by Sarah (@sarahitkm) on

Visit your local Sam’s Club® and receive a $10 e-Gift Card when you purchase any two Pull-Ups® Training Pants and/or Cottonelle® Fresh Care® Flushable Cleansing Cloths.  Also, make sure to check out this amazing sweepstakes -> enter to win a $500 Sam’s Club® Gift Card just by sharing a family photo!! Yep, I could use $500 for my next Sam’s Club® trip!

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