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These travel friendly toys and potty training ideas are part of a sponsored post for Socialstars.  The content and opinions expressed below are that of In The Know Mom. #PlayskoolCrew

If you are thinking about or in the middle of potty training, you might want to hang around my blog.  It is going to be a big focus for awhile.  My 2 1/2 year old son, Gabriel has just begun potty training and it looks like he might not be as quick to train as his big sister.  While we take this journey through potty training, life won’t be stopping.  Potty training on the go can be intimidating but it is totally doable!  All you need is a few key items like a portable potty, some on-the-go toys and a bit of extra patience.

#playskoolcrew potty training toys

When I think my son might need to go potty, I bring him over near the Loo, but not onto it.  I want it to be his idea to sit down so he develops that knowledge of when his body tells him it is time.  To keep him in the area, I have a few key toys that require attention – toys that also have become a visual cue of potty time.  This is what I call his “Pee-Pee Tee-Pee”, his private playroom potty.  He can even close the flaps if he really wants privacy!

potty training #playskoolcrew

My son does not have words or signs for when he needs to go potty.  This is a struggle, for sure.  It also means I have to guess when he might need to go to the bathroom, before baths, after naps, that sort of thing.  Guessing and trying to potty leads to longer times sitting there, meaning Gabriel needs some serious entertaining.  I’ve also noticed that he goes to the potty faster when he is distracted with a book or a toy.

#playskoolcrew potty training toys

I also keep a couple of toys around and two of his current favorites are from Playskool, the Stack ‘n Stow Cups and the Fold’n Go Elephant.  I encourage him to keep these as potty toys since they are travel-friendly.  When we are in a hotel or camping, they come with, like I said, I’m all about the visual cues since Gabriel isn’t talking much.

#playskoolcrew potty training

Stacking cups are a huge hit with my toddler.  He loves them in the pool, in the sand, in the bath and everywhere else.  I love them because it gives us an opportunity to go over colors and it encourages him to think about size and order.  Classic, educational toys.


What I don’t like about stacking cups is that we are always losing one.  Like a puzzle, the stack is worthless if you are missing one piece.  This brilliant design by Playskool, the Stack N’ Stow Cups solves that problem for me.  All of the cups nest inside each other, fitting into the base with a locking top.  Not only does this help us not lose a cup, but it also makes it quite perfect for travel.  This awesome tower, that teaches not only colors but also shapes, takes up no space!

#playskoolcrew potty training toys

Gabriel adores these stacking cups and I love to watch his determination as he builds, destroys (his favorite part) builds again, destroys again and then flips them upside down to form the “mane”.  This is a great toy for developing fine motor skills!


Another great toy that you can take on the go is Playskool’s Fold N’ Go Elephant.  This toy is a sensory explosion for babies and toddlers.  I wish we had this one during tummy time months!  It crinkles, rattles, cranks, and has so many different textures and colors.  Gabriel especially loves the mirror – the kid loves to make silly faces at himself!  I often find “Lpant” as Gabriel calls him, taking a potty break…

#playskoolcrew potty training toys

Like the stacking cups, the Fold N’ Go Elephant is great for travel.  It folds up into a little pouch and it is also machine washable, meaning I can take it camping and not worry about it getting dirty.  Love that!

#playskoolcrew potty training toys

Entertainment around and during potty time can be very important.  Books are awesome for sitting on the potty, but if you are following a schedule, consider other options to keep kids near the potty.  I like these convenient toys so they can come with us while we are on the road. We are a family that likes to get out of dodge so having travel-friendly toys is pretty much priceless.

#playskoolcrew potty training toys

Check out these products and more on the Playskool website.

How do you entertain your kids at potty time during training?


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