post-pool skincare tips for kids {summer days}

These post-pool skincare tips for kids in chlorinated pools with JOHNSON’S® products is as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners

Being mid-July, there is no doubt we are all spending a lot of time at the pool with the kids.  My water babies live half of their lives in the pool, which can take a toll on their skin and hair.  I’ll be sharing my personal post-pool skincare routine soon on the blog, but today I’m talking kiddos!

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pre-rinse and post-rinse.  Before diving in, saturate your skin and hair with clean tap water. This way, your skin absorbs less pool water/chemicals.  Once everyone comes out of the pool for the day, rinse off in your suits.  This helps keep your bathing suits looking their best and also rinses the pool chemical residue from your skin.  If you don’t have access to an outdoor shower, just have the kids jump into the house shower.  Remember to rinse those suits in the shower or in the sink as well to prolong their lives!

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This kid seriously loves the outdoor shower.  He goes into a trance… had to document.

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moisturize. Exposure to the sun and the pool can certainly dry out skin, so make sure to moisturize after rinsing off.  Use a mild moisturizer as to not aggravate sunned skin.

detangler.  Hair can become just as damaged as skin when in the pool.  Once the kids come out of the shower, spray their hair with JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® detangling spray.  This will release post-pool tangles super well.  I use it on my daughter’s long, curly mermaid hair that can turn into dreadlocks when drying out of the pool – no, seriously, dread.locks.

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powder.  Once those wet swim diapers come off, baby butts might be a bit chaffed.  Before you pop a dry land diaper on, give the rear a puff of JOHNSON’S® baby pure cornstarch powder with calming lavender & chamomile.  My tot has had a few serious bouts with diaper rash, so I never take the risk, always a bit of soothing powder to help prevent redness.  This powder is really great for removing stuck-on sand from swim-diapered booties and everywhere else, so it comes in handy at the beach or lake.

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Another great summer item to toss into your pool or beach bag is the JOHNSON’S® hand & face wipes.  These alcohol-free wipes have the same NO MORE TEARS® formula as you’ll find in the classic shampoos, so they are just as gentle as pure water.  My son absolutely despises when I wipe his face so I appreciate the gentle formula!  They help wipe away 95% of dirt and germs – great for dirty hands and faces.

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What are your poolside necessities?

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