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positioning preemies and newborns {Hug Me Joey}

hug me joey Even the best car seat can’t position and support your newborn properly, especially if they are premature.  We have all seen scrunched down babies, swallowed up by their infant car seat.  We have also all seen babies with their heads flopped forward (doesn’t that just look so painful?) or to the side.  With the knowledge that my second child is coming to me earlier than expected, I set out on a hunt to find those key items parents of preemies need, and this led me to Hug Me Joey.

The more comfortable we can make our babies the better.  Surely we want them to be cozy during car rides but it is also top priority to be safe.  Hug Me Joey is a safe, crash tested- FMVSS 213 approved infant positioner that creates a snug ride for your wee ones.  It is even trusted by hospitals and is currently being researched by a top NICU on the east coast.

When your baby is sitting correctly, not only are they more content but they can breathe easier.  This is beneficial for colicky babies, babies with acid reflux and preemies/newborns.  If you have a preemie, you already know their problems can be many, respiratory issues being a common issue.  Well, left to sit folded over and scrunched down in a standard size car seat, their lungs may not be able to fully inflate.  This position can also put pressure on their tiny organs, unbeknownst to you.

The Hug Me Joey system is two parts: therapeutic insert and cushy roll.  The insert is placed into the recess of your carrier and gives your baby a better foundation to be supported by.  The Hug Me Joey roll is a soft pillow-like product that encompasses your baby, filling excess room in the car seat.  This gives your baby a custom, form-fitting area to safely travel in.

For testing purposes (since our wee one is still baking, hang in there Gabriel!) I tried out the Hug Me Joey in a Maxi-Cosi Mico with a friend’s rather small 2 month old.  Installation was basically nil and baby K was ready to go for a test drive in a flash.  Overall, she just looked more comfortable in her seat and visibly lost the slouch she had without the Hug Me Joey.  Feedback from the car ride consisted of comments like “she didn’t jostle even when popping through Los Angeles pot holes” and “she fell instantly asleep and cooed the whole way home” — mom and baby approved.

While the Hug Me Joey is highly recommended for preemies, it is absolutely beneficial for all newborns up to 16-18 lbs, which is somewhere at 4-6 months.  See a reduction in fussiness and spit-up as gas and acid reflux are prevented better while they are in their carrier with this product.  The Hug Me Joey is compatible with all infant car seats except the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio.  5-point harness compatible and fully safety regulated, the Hug Me Joey is something for every mom to put on their baby registry.

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hug me joey review

Product was provided by Hug Me Joey to facilitate this review.

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