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Keeping my daughter entertained constantly is growing increasingly difficult.  We homeschool, which has been very rewarding this year, but it also means I have to have a million things to occupy her during art/craft times.  As she matures, the more creative I have to get because simple drawing and painting doesn’t always knock her socks off.

pillow pets review

This past week or two Savannah (8) has been completely in love with creating Pillow Puffs, brainchild of PomTree, a new line of felt creativity kits that keep the mess to a minimum.  The felt creatures are mostly self-adhesive to build, even the jewel adornments.  Everything is included in the kit so you can literally give it to your kid and walk away.  I’m overbooked and overworked like you, so I love that.

pillow puff review pom tree creativity kits

Pillow Puffs speak to the tween crowd with cell phone cases, keychains and purses.  This won’t feel like a baby craft, but rather a fun way to add a bit of personality to their existing accessories.  Savannah fell in love with the creatures right away and couldn’t wait to make some pillows.  They come in a couple of different sizes, from mini to mega.

pillow puffs review

The pillows are simply layers of felt with a sticky backing, jewels which come with sticky adhesive stickers and glitter glue (purely decorative).  Each pillow comes with a shaped filling to give that pillow puff.  The boxes give your kids an idea of where everything can go, but it is up to them to add the jewels and glitter where they see fit.  I like that – a guideline but feel free to color outside the lines!

pillow puff review pom tree

Keychains have always been cool.  I remember the absolute importance of them when I was a kid – they defined your backpack, right?!  These super cool Pillow Puff Mini Accessory Kits are what every tween would love the most – one kit being a trio of backpack clips.  You could certainly clip these onto purses as well!

pomtree pillow puffs review

Purchase Pillow Puffs online at in price ranges from $5.99 – $9.99!  These crafts are super affordable, especially for the awesome quality.  Check out the brand for more creative ideas like whip-stiching the edges — loving that idea and thinking of trying it out!

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