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This post is sponsored by Pearls® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

This past week was a crazy one. With each day came another packed schedule with plenty of traveling. In between co-op classes, cheer/tumbling practices and homeschool curriculum, we managed to fit in a few trips this week, and by trips I mean field trips!

We headed down to Long Beach to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific. Minus the awful traffic on 91 this day, it was an awesome trip!

To maximize the travel, we also swung by the Museum of Latin American Art. MOLAA currently has an exhibit called Ink: Stories on Skin and it was really, really interesting. While I don’t plan on ever getting a single tattoo, my husband is covered from neck to toe so my kids were pretty interested in learning more about the history of tattoos.

Then there was a trip to Whitewater Preserve to cool off, where we encountered three bighorn sheep! I almost never spot them, though I know they are all over our area. It was so great to finally see one and have a long lens to capture it!

And now we are off to Joshua Tree to camp out in an RV for the night! Check my Instagram for more updates on our super sweet Hipcamp.

What are your favorite foods to eat while traveling? Keeping your diet healthy and plant-based can be a bit tricky on the go. We all tend to eat less-than-perfect foods for the sake of convenience. We also know that roadside pitstops are rarely stocked with nutritious, plant-based options. The only way around is to plan, prep and pack your travel snacks beforehand.

Some of my favorite things to pack for our road trips are:

  • hummus with vegetable sticks, pita
  • mixed nuts; trail mix
  • cubed fruit
  • healthy wraps/sandwiches
  • homemade fruit leather
  • crispy chickpeas
  • snacking olives
  • raw vegan chocolate
  • homemade power bars
  • dried fruit chips
  • homemade vegan muffins
  • dried seaweed
  • … and potato chips. Look, I’m not perfect, okay? = )

A lot of my trips are either spur of the moment or just really rushed. On these occasions, I don’t have a lot of time to spend prepping foods or making healthy wraps. That’s why I always have some convenient, plant-based snacks waiting in my pantry. One favorite of ours is Pearls Olives to Go!® because we love olives for quick snacks! The unique infused flavors are fun too.

Available at major retailers (I find mine at Target) Pearls Olives to Go! is made for “on-the-go snacking”. They are healthy, tasty and mess-free, perfect for the whole family. Pearls has incorporated new flavors to their Olives to Go! products: sriracha (my favorite), Italian Herb and Taco!

These healthy snacks are great on the go but also at home or in lunchboxes. Bring them to your next football game or serve them up to guests – olive lovers unite!

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